Need money immediately: get an emergency loan with CAF relief for families in financial difficulty (rent, bills, over-indebtedness, death)



Need money immediately: get an emergency loan with SAEF relief for families in financial difficulty (rent, bills, over-indebtedness, death) 3.5 (70%) 12 votes

Being in financial difficulty does not only happen to others, and when you have an urgent need for money, what can you do? To borrow money urgently, you must contact the SAEF of his department, provided you have small resources. Whether it is a help to pay his late rent or an urgent credit for a person at the RSA, the family allowance fund can meet the most urgent.

The emergency loan SAEF: help!

The emergency loan CAF: help!

Having a need for money immediately without having to apply for bank credit is not only for an unemployed person. Other socially precarious categories are sometimes rejected by the banks, who refuse to lend them money: over-indebtedness, RSA, banking ban.

The list goes on, and needing a quick money loan does not help matters. Indeed, one may need a credit immediately to pay off debts, or help to pay bills (water, electricity, gas), but how to make his bank understand that we can not wait, especially when we earn very little each month?

SAEF for urgent need of money

CAF for urgent need of money

The SAEF relief and loans concern the need for money immediately to pay his rent or pay his bills, but not only: a loan to buy a used car, a small sum of money to repair his scooter, medical expenses payable, hospitalization debts, insurance premium late. The backup device of the fund is made for this, and can be prepared for the most hurry.

How to get emergency financial assistance from SAEF?

The rescue responds to a call for help, which will exceptionally help meet a need to have some money to avoid disaster. The difficulties must be temporary, not recurrent. In which case, it is better to opt for a zero-rated loan application. Same thing for a need for equipment in furniture and appliances. A specific credit from the SAEF is made for this.

To ask for help, you must be a beneficiary, and already have at least one dependent child. The social workers of her city are entitled to intervene with the SAEF to unlock the exceptional aid.

Of course, it will be necessary to justify its resources and its temporary difficulties, while proving that they will settle themselves with a financial help. For the amount of the aid, each situation will correspond to a sum allocated, and it is the social action commission that will make this decision.

Learn more about SAEF rescue

Learn more about CAF rescue

The big advantage of this financial is that it is non-refundable, unlike an emergency loan or a small credit for your car. The fact of not having to repay the money is a breath of fresh air for families with both parents at RSA, or for someone who has just been in debt distress. In general, all those living in precarious situations are concerned.

Unlike other SAEF aids, there is no concept of family quotient. It all depends on your personal (and professional) situation at the time of the application. For those who have personal debts, the SAEF can choose to pay the money directly to the organization in question.

This saves time, and can avoid ending up with the usher at his door. The procedure to be followed in this case and to attach the invoice not settled in the file, as well as the RIB of the provider. The help of the SAEF can be combined with the small loans provided by the fund, with the agreement of the management, of course.

The solidarity of the SAEF makes it possible to insert

Do not fall into precariousness, this is sometimes a small thing, and even small financial help can make a difference.

As for refunds, each box has its own way of operating. Thus, either the money is directly subtracted from the amount of the monthly family benefits, or the sum due is deducted from the beneficiary’s bank account at maturity.

Relief for unforeseen family events

Relief for unforeseen family events

What is important for SAEF is to help people in difficulty to cope with an unforeseen event, almost impossible to finance with modest incomes. To pay a burial for example is very expensive, and in addition you have to get out the money very quickly to pay the costs, the crunchy death does not give credit.

Less terrible but equally problematic, the birth of triplets or multiple children: how to pay all the expenses of birth? Same thing for the arrival of a handicapped child. Medical care, housing development. Many future expenses.

How much is the help of the SAEF?

Thus, for triplets, the assistance of the SAEF will be 4300 euros, in two installments, the first speaker at birth, the next from 6 months. An auxiliary of social life can also be partly supported.

For a death, it is an aid of 1150 euros that it is possible to ask. It will be necessary to send a death certificate as proof.

To have help for a disabled child, do not exceed 1000 euros of family quotient. SAEF’s help will be mainly used to pay childcare costs, subject to the production of proof of the amount paid by the beneficiary. 2000 euros can thus be paid over 3 years, making it possible to pay for the child’s specific holiday camp.

Help for funeral expenses

Help for funeral expenses

When a person who shares his life dies, it’s always a shock. But beyond the pain, when we touch only the RSA (example), quickly occurs funeral financing. How to pay for a dignified burial, when we can not afford to do it?

The SAEF of the Somme provides assistance, through a sum of money ranging from 250 euros to 460 euros, according to the family quotient and the composition of the family.

To benefit, you must have a dependent child under 20, and send the SAEF the death certificate. But since everything is always a budget story, SAEF funeral expenses will only be granted if there is money left over at the time of the request.


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