A dance group keeps Filipino culture alive in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) — For the past 50 years, PASACAT Philippine Performing Arts Company has taken center stage, bringing Filipino culture to San Diego.

In their dance studio in National City, they taught children ages 4 to 18. It was here that they set up elaborate performances using music, song and dance to tell the story of the Philippines.

Anamaria Cabato, the executive director of PASACAT declares: “they knew that it would be a way for us to connect to our heritage”.

But now their building is empty, closed, and all you can hear is silence. When the pandemic hit, PASACAT had to hit the rest button, focusing on teaching classes virtually.

Cabato says, “We’re trying to find new ways to be engaging, to stay relevant, so our students want to stay connected.”

They moved their classes virtually by connecting directly with those in the Philippines, taking their dance lessons to a deeper level.

Cabato adds, “We had lessons about the culture of various people, the traditional clothing of that culture, the instruments, everything.”

But dealing with adversity is nothing new for PASACAT, in the past decade their dance studio has been flooded twice. Both times the floor had to be ripped out and replaced.

But through it all, they managed to push forward showing their resilience.