A lady in a white dress keeps her legs apart, shows sweet dance moves on the street, people fight for her on video

  • A lady made people stop whatever they were doing to watch her as she showed beautiful dance moves in a street
  • With her legs apart for most of her performance, the lady in the white dress showcased a unique dance style.
  • People fought and argued as they got lost in his talented display and netizens who saw the video rated it

A lady in a white dress delighted people on a street with a unique showcase of dancing talent.

With energy and passion, the lady launched into quick dance moves while keeping her legs spread and complemented it with cool hand movements.

She left people stunned Photo Credit: Screenshots from video shared by @abctravelgreenbook
Source: Instagram

The talented lady occasionally performed a 360 degree turn while keeping her legs in the aforementioned position.

People fought to watch her

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People fought for the right to space as they stood petrified watching the energetic lady do her thing.

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One such occasion, as seen in the background, was an old man pushing away a plus-size man who seemed to be obstructing his view.

The plus-sized man took a different stance after he quietly left the area where the old man was standing.

@abctravelgreenbook who shared the video of the lady on social media explained that the unique dance move is called Gwoka.

According to the outlet, this is an improvised way in which enslaved Africans in Guadeloupe (an island in the northeast Caribbean Sea) communicated in the face of “indescribable oppression”.

Watch the video below:

Social networks react

@kopper.kikapoo said:

“I love them so much, but our culture is so rich that we don’t have to attribute everything to slavery. We were everywhere before this happened.”

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@onyxempress wrote:

“Do you all remember that little girl dancing at Disneyland in Princess Tiana’s costume? They’re from the same people. It’s beautiful.”

@francesca_pope said:

“Oh my God! I’ve never heard of this form in Guadeloupe or seen it! It’s like what we know in the United States which was called Juba. Thank you for sharing this video with me. At first I thought it was just you sharing the dance videos with me because we both love them and then I saw the text. This woman is like a human light or a spinning ribbon, I thought she was maybe 14 or so because of that energy, but if you look closely, she’s a grown woman, she’s just channeling a lot of life, a lot of life actually.”

@eis4evan said:

“I don’t know why, but I felt a certain emotion when I saw the old lady in the back wearing the pink dress dancing with her cane. It was almost like a look of approval and it made me touched in a way I can’t explain.”

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A shy girl shows beautiful dance steps

Meanwhile, Legit.ng previously reported that a shy girl made for dancing caused a stir on the street with her dance moves.

The video had started with the girl trying to flee the gathering but was quickly brought back by children and adults who thought otherwise.

As if resigning herself to fate, the girl supported them all and started with a dance move with her left arm.

Feeling the vibe of the dance style, a lady joined in but stopped in her tracks as the girl quickly burst into a completely different dance move – this time with her legs.

Her leg moves won her the admiration of the crowd gathered in the street with people who had previously danced stopping to pay attention to a better dancer.

Source: Legit.ng