A small mouse record store has arrived in Sweden

Ricotta Records is the latest installation from the mouse-loving art collective Anonymous Mouse, which is called “a network of loosely connected mice and men”, originally from the city of Malmö in southern Sweden.

AnonyMouse began building miniature mouse facilities in 2016. Since then, the wacky team of top-secret Swedish creatives have unveiled more than 25 projects, including Hair and Furever barber, a haven named Paw to Paw, an Italian bistro called Il Topolino which serves cheese and crackers (what else?), French-inspired Noix de Vie (or Nuts of Life), offering every mouse’s favorite treats made from hazelnuts, pistachios and almonds, as well as the Indian restaurant Paneer, The Stilton Hotel, Frankie and Benjy’s Bookstore, the Moles Antiques, and a whole lotMousepark lies.

Cheese Music from Ricotta Records

Ricotta Records mysteriously appeared last month in the town of Lund, in southern Sweden. The miniature record store specializes in cheesy music from Johnny Cashew, Briehanna, Destiny’s Cheese, Niki Fromaj, Feta James, Lady Gouda, Rats Against the Machine and other top selling rodent stars.

Inspired by the works of children’s authors Astrid Lindgren and Beatrix Potter, as well as filmmakers Walt Disney and Don Bluth, the AnonyMouse collective says they seek to bring a slice of everyday magic to children and passing pedestrians.

“There is no particular hidden meaning behind it. We’re just trying to create something that we all wished we could have stumbled upon when we were kids. That being said, all street art is, ultimately, a way to change public space and, as such, it’s also a form of challenge, cute as it is, ”says AnonyMouse.

A secret parallel world

“We think that at some point most children like to imagine that there is a world parallel to ours in which small animals live like us, but recycle things that we have lost. So we try to incorporate as many human objects as possible: a champagne cork becomes a chair, a matchbox becomes a desk, a seashell serves as a lampshade, a paint pad, etc. », Continues the group.

Like all installations of AnonyMouse, Ricotta Records is full of innovative and fun small-scale features that visitors can spot.

“At the little stage inside the store, there’s a bottle-top banjo that people saw, but no one noticed the dog-whistle clarinet,” says AnonyMouse, adding, “We love it too. very much the neon sign on the outside, a feature we hadn’t explored in any previous installation.

Where next?

So far, AnonyMouse has taken their whimsical works of art to the streets of various cities in Sweden, as well as to France and the Isle of Man. While the location of future projects is a well-kept secret, the collective agreed to share a little clue:

“We have received a few invitations from all over the world but, as the pandemic currently makes travel quite difficult, we will explore this stay a little longer…”, they say.

Now don’t denounce them.