A viral video shows the dance moves of two girls on Vidya Balan’s Lazy Lad. Look here | Tendency

In this video, two girls can be seen dancing to Vidya Balan’s Lazy Lad from Ghanchakkar with a scenic, hilly backdrop.

Videos of people doing a wide variety of dance challenges continue to go viral on social media sites. One of those challenges involving the song Lazy Lad is currently gaining popularity on Instagram. In this movie, people show their best dance moves to the song from the movie Ghanchakkar with Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi. And now a delicious trendy dance routine has captured people’s hearts.

In the video, two girls are seen shaking a leg in this audio. Uploaded by an Instagram user named Rona Manger, it features her and her friend in a scenic, hilly location. The two seemed to be having a lot of fun dancing.

Watch the viral dance video here:

Since its publication on November 2, this video has gone massively viral with over 6.4 million views and multiple reactions. And these numbers keep increasing second by second.

“Gorgeous,” one Instagram user commented, followed by two applauded emojis. “How cute you guys are,” observed another. “Nice background,” wrote a third. “The background view is awesome,” said a fourth.

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