Angela shows off dance moves in a daring party outfit

Angela Deem from 90 day fiance flaunted her wild dance moves at a party while showing off her weight loss in a revealing outfit. Angela, 56, has lost a lot of weight since undergoing gastric sleeve surgery in 2020. Angela may look different now, but unfortunately the issues in her relationship with Michael remain the same. On 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Michael, 33, creating an Instagram account behind Angela’s back made her believe he wasn’t faithful. Angela decided she would confront Michael in Nigeria and find out if he was scamming her before her spouse visa was approved, allowing her to come to the United States.


In real time, it looks like Michael still hasn’t joined Angela in America, according to his numerous Instagram updates. Angela is mostly solo in her Reels and stories, or hanging out with her grandkids, when she’s not trying out filters or collaborating with creators such as her Canadian friend Billy. But in her latest video post, Angela showed off another side of herself as she danced around in a short red dress. Angela could be seen jumping to the beat of a high energy song with a group of friends. To explain what was going on, 90 day fiance star Angela wrote that she was at “HANGOUT HOGANSand thanked Hulk Hogan, his son Nick Hogan and Nick’s partner Tana Lea in his video text. “I LOVE YOU,Angela added in the caption as the camera pans to show Mr. Hogan in the background at the end of the clip.

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Why 90 Day Fiancé fans are calling Angela a hypocrite

On her own Instagram page, Tana posted a selfie video with Angela where the full meemaw look was revealed. Angela seems to have a new hairstyle that gives her crown a lot of volume. She wore a fitted dress with a plunging neckline and glamorous makeup for the event. What’s odd is that upon seeing Angela’s party girl look, fans are sure to call her out for her hypocrisy. TLC viewers disagree with Angela still trying to control Michael’s life. Even though Angela hadn’t seen Michael in two years, she decided to vandalize his car in a shocking fit of rage before she could meet him. Due to her actions, fans continue to mock Angela, who only comes across as insecure.

But at the same time, Angela is openly partying and flirting with other men on screen and in real life, while Michael isn’t even allowed to make an Instagram page for himself. Angela’s bad behavior in the recent episode left fans in disgust, who repeatedly asked TLC not to cast her in future seasons. Still, there is a segment of the public that thinks Angela is entertaining and that everything she does on screen is to get attention. This could possibly include Angela wanting Michael to use his own Instagram profile as his own and creating a ruckus about his separate profile.

Angela and Michael’s story has been somewhat the same in all 90 day fiance spin-offs they have been part of. This time too, things are no different. Michael is on Instagram right now, so it’s not like he didn’t know about Angela’s antics unless he blocked her page. But it also looks like Angela and Michael are still together in 2022 after Happy forever? season 7 is over. Whether he’s in the US or not, Angela was spotted wearing a heart-shaped pendant around her neck with her picture of herself and Michael. Either way, Michael could have possibly forgiven Angela for wrecking his car, suggesting that some of the drama could have been overblown.

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