Apple ad features song produced by Jus Now and XOriginals Dance Group

A global Apple ad for their new product line reveal features a soundtrack produced and designed by a Trinidad-based dance group and popular soca producers.

The song “Winner Walk” was produced by Jus Now and features XOriginals, a popular dance group from Trinidad and Tobago.

Jus Now (Truck on the Road, Big Bad Soca) features Trinidadian musician Keshav Chandradath Singh and Sam Interface from the UK.

Keshav told Loop News the song came about when they were approached by the dance group’s founder, Xander.

“Xander, who is the founder of the dance group XOriginals, came into the studio with us at Kin Sound Studios in St. Ann’s in 2019 and spat this idea on me and Sam Interface, and we were like, ‘ “Yeah, let’s do it.” I immediately went into the booth and started clapping and laying down aggressive drums and making percussive vocal sounds and we came up with the song very quickly and organically,” he said.

XOriginals Dance Group is a progressive group that strives to produce its own soundtracks.

In 2018, the group made a Mixtape video titled “IslandHop” and in 2019, they worked with Jus Now to produce a Soca Dance Music track called “Way Up”.

“Winner Walk” was recorded after “Way Up” was released.

“I’ve always been a fan of JusNow and their approach to Caribbean music, so I tracked down Keshav at a music conference, introduced myself and shared the vision. He was always open to connecting and collaboration. Once his schedule opened up and Sam was in the country, we did “Winner Walk” basically in one session because I had already written the song and it was ready to go, they also took it to another level with music production,” Xander said.

The song features Jus Now’s signature percussive elements combined with Alex’s vocals.

He said they built the rhythm of the song in the moment and produced it in a way that gave the dancers something to move towards while keeping the drums alive.

Xander with XOriginals dancer Luna. The band came up with the idea for Winner Walk now featured in an Apple ad.

The song was originally released before the pandemic on UK label More Time Records.

Keshav said he worked with a sync agency, Something Outta ‘Nothing, who thought it might work for Apple and the company has loved him ever since.

“But it seems like the time was right for him to go along with their big reveal. Apple’s CEO tweeted the announcement and it’s now available for the world to see and in our case hear” , he said, noting that it is a good overview of our music.

“It’s a great look for Trinbagonian music on the contemporary world stage and having a place at this table can hopefully bode well for the just rights that Trini music deserves. It has influenced the sound of the world music for so long that it’s really nice that WE music is used to sell the world’s most recognizable tech and personal device products Apple has repurposed it and removed the chant from advertising, but the version The full song can be found on all platforms including Apple Music, Youtube, Spotify, Tidal, Amazon and just about anywhere else,” he said.

Xander described the feeling of hearing the song on an Apple ad as unreal.

“Having it synced to commercial Apple Inc. content is unreal for us, yes it’s exciting but more than that it gives us that extra confirmation that our ideas can go further than we think.”