Aztec dance group performs at Staring Lake

Kalpulli KetzalCoatlicue performing traditional Nahuatl/Aztec dance. Photos and video of Juliana Allen

South Minneapolis-based Kalpulli KetzalCoatlicue Dance Troupe shared the Nahuatl/Aztec dance tradition with an Eden Prairie audience at the Staring Lake Amphitheater on Thursday night, July 7.

The band gave a lively performance backed by music created by rhythmic drums, conch shells and other natural instruments. The dancers wore traditional headdresses, colorful beaded costumes and ankle rattles made from pods.

“The Kalpulli KetzalCoatlicue (“Precious Mother Earth”) is a Kalpulli (“learning community”) of Indigenous people joined by a desire to learn, share and experience the Aztec dance tradition,” according to the group. website.

Kalpulli KetzalCoatlicue posed for photos after the performance.

“The dancers are rooted in the cultural understanding of the environment, weaving together the Nahuatl cosmovision and the creation stories of Mexican ancestors.”


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Dancers Anayanci Morales and Michelle Ochoa.

Unfortunately, the rainy weather made the stage too slippery for the dancers to continue, and an approaching storm caused the show to be halted after two dances.

However, afterward, the dancers met with the audience to answer questions and pose for photos before everyone headed to the cover.

The event was part of “Starring at Staring,” one of Eden Prairie’s series of free summer concerts and cultural events at the amphitheater.

Eden Prairie has many other arts and entertainment events planned for the rest of the summer, including Movies in the Park, PeopleFest, KidStock and a performance of a children’s theater workshop.

Information can be found in the city ​​summer catalog.

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