Backstreet Boys’ ‘DNA Tour’: The band can’t do certain dance moves now because of THAT

Almost 30 years on, the Backstreet Boys are still active in the music industry as they constantly tour, award shows and release new songs. However, they revealed that they can no longer do certain dance moves for a shocking reason.

In an interview with ET Online, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, AJ McLean and Kevin Richardson spoke to Cassie DiLaura during their “DNA Tour” at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The iconic band recalls fond memories as bandmates and taking their family on tour with them.

Elsewhere in the interview, the band grew nostalgic for their popular dance moves in the 90s. However, they revealed that they skipped some routines to return to their tour buses in one piece.

When asked if their dance moves were the same as in their early years, Howie, 48, replied, “They hurt more!”

The reason they don’t dance like they did in the past is because of their age.

AJ spoke up and joked, “they don’t hurt that much right now”, to which Kevin replied, “they hurt later that night”.

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Nick revealed that their band added four new dance routines to their tour and new choreography to their classic songs.

Although they still dance today, Howie said there were limits as they could no longer kneel because they could not get up.

“We used to be in a standing position, kneeling down, then – without knee pads – then back up,” Kevin explained.

He added that they won’t be doing splits, laying on their backs and kip-ups on their shows.

AJ then recalled a specific dance routine for the song “New Love,” which requires them to “bend over and up and down and up.” The singer said he had trouble keeping up with the movement because it “stings” him a bit.

Speaking about their current tour, which kicked off in Las Vegas, Brian said they’ve spent the last few weeks doing rehearsals, which is “tough” on their bodies.

However, once they hit the stage, seeing the reactions of their fans led Kevin to say, “it was about time”.

“Everyone is just looking for live entertainment and live contact. AJ was joking, ‘Hey, we can see everyone’s faces,'” he added.

Besides Sin City, the popular boy band will also visit many cities in North America, such as Los Angeles, Toronto, Del Valle, Albuquerque, etc., before heading to Europe.

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