Blockchain boogie. The world’s first street dance battle for crypto comes with NFTs.

NYC dance community pop-up event educates on blockchain technology.

(YourDigitalWall Editorial): – New York City, New York April 15, 2021 ( – Blockchain boogie. The world’s first street dance battle for Crypto comes with NFTs.

NYC dance community pop-up event educates on blockchain technology.

Presented by VenuBK and Raiders of Concrete with support from NFTexperiential

Friday, April 23, 2021, Union Square (NYC).
Social distancing and mandatory masks.

Blockchain boogie. the world’s first street dance crypto battle is a NYC dance community pop-up event that comes with NFTs. Dancer, DJ and avant-garde developer from New York who goes Boogies in the world of dance, present Blockchain boogie with The Adventurers of Concrete, and the support of NFExperiential. Friday, April 23, 2021 (Union Square; 4-7 p.m.; Dance Battle 5 p.m.; duration 60 min; social distancing and masks required). Blockchain boogie is a digit dance battle open to all styles of street dance. The event organized by the base, broadcast live by The experience of the future is nowhas relevance educative component and sets many records. It’s the world premiere street dance battle with: 1. price in cryptocurrencies; 2. broadcast live to become a NFTs; 3. with proof of presence protocol tokens for attendees. the cipher battle emphasizes the importance of history, culture and essence who do the New York underground street dance scene so incredibly unique, and a world beacon.

Boogies, who will also host the event with DJ Phoolish ROC, has been a street dance performer in New York for over a decade and is an avid blockchain developer. They created Blockchain boogie for raise awareness of the benefits and multiple applications of blockchain technology. “I just think it’s a fun way to introduce dancers to cryptocurrencies and what blockchain can do for artists and entrepreneurs,” says Boogiee. “It’s not just Bitcoin.”

NFExperiential stepped in to ensure the initiative became a reality when the event was about to be canceled, bringing in livestream partners The future is now experience, as well as the NFT factor in the equation. NFTexperiential strives to educate and empower artists to harness their “NFT potential”, supporting and advocating for initiatives like these. “It’s the first “NFT Oriented Street Dance Battle. This is an incredible community initiative, there is potential for strong social impact», explains NFTexperiential. “What’s this New York Energy is all about. Despite the challenges, the streets of New York are alive and vibrant! ” the Official NFTs of this event will be offered for sale by NFTexperiential and the proceeds will be donated.

A online reference is set up for registration, proof of attendance tokens (sponsored by POAP) and a number of options for setting up a wallet (links to Metamask, Coinbase, Gemini and Trust). Registration is free, but participants must provide their crypto wallet address to register. Participants will fight for Ethereum for several rounds during a one hour figure. They will be judged on musicality, showmanship, crowd appeal and non-repetitive dance moves. Contest judges Jeff Selby (creator of NewStyle Hustle) and DJ P-Funk are respected members of the New York and international street dance scene.

Credits: Produced by: VenuBK; concrete adventurers; NFExperiential. Sponsored by: Raiders of Concrete; NFExperiential. Judges: announced one week before the battle. DJs: DJ Beet Kollecktaa and DJ Phoolish ROC. Judges: Jeff Selby and DJ P-Funk.


WHAT: Blockchain boogie. World’s first street dance crypto battle.
To register

WHEN: 4 p.m. – 7 p.m. | Friday, April 23, 2021
Opens at 4 p.m. | Dance Battle starts at 5 p.m. | Duration of the battle: 60 minutes

OR: Union Square, New York, NY 10003

PRESS: welcome to the press. Please contact NFTexperiential via email if you need assistance.

VenuBK is an event production platform. Boogiee is the company’s founder/CEO, DJ and graphic designer. The Brooklyn-based platform’s motto is “creating events that inspire others.”

The concrete adventurers was established in 2014 and hails from Union Square NYC. The Open Source Dance Collective presents all styles of dancers with street performances inspired by house music. In nearly a decade of work, he has gained global relationships, corporate clients and commercial appearances.

NFExperiential finds its raison d’être in its mission and its logo: “Enable artists to feed humanity”. NFT-based projects of all art forms are underpinned by the strong belief in the power of the arts to positively affect and effect social and environmental change, to foster dialogue and communication between communities, countries and cultures, and to promote economic development. It offers like-minded artists from all artistic disciplines the services, support and skills to bring their visions to life.

The experience of the future is now is a weekly live show the Brooklyn-based artist developed by Kimyon Huggins, airing every Sunday at 3:00 PM EST. The livestream is the online version of a pandemic-induced response to the physical art experience it has been producing for more than two decades. Featuring visual artists and DJs from around the world as weekly guests, the show facilitates conversations about art, culture and current affairs.