Bone Thugs-n-Harmony member strongly disapproves of Herschel Walker’s dance moves at Tha Crossroads

Krayzie Bone had the reaction one would expect after Republican candidate Herschel Walker danced to the hit single ‘The Crossroads’ during his campaign.

During a video that surfaced on Instagram, Walker was seen trying to use his moves (or lack thereof) to dance to the song BTnH, which Krayzie Bone immediately took to Twitter. and asked “Yoooo what is he doing?”

Walker’s moves inspired more backlash

After more people became aware of the former NFL player’s moves, more people stepped in and started mocking the candidate, which became counterproductive.

Then Krayzie Bone also continued “I’m still trying to figure out if he was trying to lock

If Krayzie Bone and the rest of the band decided to take legal action, they would join the other musicians and artists who sued candidates when one of their songs was used to promote their candidacy at rallies without their approval, such as Isaac Hayes.

The succession of Isaac Hayes against Donald Trump

The Estate of Isaac Hayes discovered former President Donald Trump was using the classic Sam & Dave song ‘Hold On I’m Coming’ during an event at his Mar-A-Lago home when he revealed his intention to run as a presidential candidate in 2024.

it is not an easy task

“Stopping a politician from using your music isn’t always an easy task,” Isaac Hayes’ estate tweeted, “but we are committed to ensuring that Donald Trump doesn’t continue to use ‘Hold on I’ m Coming “written by Isaac Hayes and David Porter in other rallies and public appearances.”

22 Artists did the same action

Vulture magazine revealed that 22 artists and estates took the same action against Trump, including Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and Prince’s estate.