Check Out Corey Gamble’s Epic Breakup During Tristan Thompson’s Dance Battle

BRB, we have to scratch our jaws on the ground.

If there’s a way to really party, it’s with a split. Exhibit A: This video of Corey Gamble dropping it low to the ground while vacationing with the Kardashians. In what appears to be footage from the family’s recent trip to a private island for Kim kardashian‘s 40th anniversary, fans can see Kris Jenner’s boyfriend shows off his impressive move as he confronted Tristan Thompson in a dance circle.

After kicking off his shoes, Gamble showed Thompson how it was really done when he continued to drive closer to the ground and then finished with a split that sent everyone losing their minds. In the footage Jenner posted to her Instagram Story, everyone is seen running in shock and awe, with Gamble the clear winner. Like La La Anthony shouted into the camera repeatedly, “I’m done!”

Jenner captioned the video, “He’s really in the mood. HBD @coreygamble.”

On November 10, Gamble celebrated the big 4-0. “Thank you for all the love today,” he wrote on Instagram to commemorate the milestone. “Shot 40 right.” In fact, the star showed off more of his moves when he posted a clip of himself dancing on the beach to kick off his big day.