Dad and daughter dazzle Instagram with their dance moves

For some, dancing is in their blood. Parents pass on their skills and the whole family gets moving and has fun – and the results are delicious. Father-daughter dancing duo D&F first shared their moves on Instagram in May 2020. Since then, they’ve posted over 200 moments of pure joy and family bliss. Their dance style has been self-labeled as a mix of #litefeet and #hiphop, and they always choose perfectly upbeat hip-hop music to showcase their moves.

D&F (Daughter&Father) is made up of Rinka (D) and Mitsuhiro Sawakami (F) who are both instructors at Mitsuhiro’s One Move Dance Studio. Their studio is based in Hachinohe, Japan, a port city in Aomori Prefecture. Between them, they have won dozens of prizes in numerous dance competitions. Rinka, who has been dancing since she was four, started winning awards when she was eight.

Their Instagram account showcases the great work they do at the studio, with many group acts featuring the studio’s instructors and students. Rinka’s younger brother also makes special appearances and highlights how the dancing gene runs in the family.

Check out some of their moves below.

Father-daughter dancing duo D&F, which stands for Daughter&Father, have gained an online following for their dancing skills and family joy.

D&F consists of Rinka (D) and Mitsuhiro Sawakami (F). Their dance style has been self-tagged as #litefeet and #hiphop.

Both are instructors at Mitsuhiro’s One Move Dance Studio in Hachinohe, Japan.

Their Instagram not only showcases their dancing skills but also their teaching skills.

Rinka’s younger brother also makes surprise appearances.

It’s clear to see why the pair have become popular and why they’ve won dozens of awards and contests.

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