Dad distracts daughter with ‘dance moves’ while she works from home

A hilarious video of a man dancing while his daughter is in a meeting has gone viral on social media.

The women posted the video and mentioned the whole situation in her caption where she wrote, “I had a 3 hour training to lead while visiting my parents over the long weekend and my dad didn’t kept coming in front of me doing weird dances to distract me. He is a man who was known for his professionalism for more than 38 years in a Fortune 500 company, retired a few months ago as a director. When I confronted him that my professionalism was in danger with his antics, he replied, “I’m teaching you to be a professional in all circumstances” 😅 On the other hand, my dear husband and my best friend who is such a noble soul, the most poker face on earth with a shared soul but the most kharoos on the face of this earth… Nevertheless, dono meri jaan hai.. The only thing they have in common is their love to laugh at me all day”

This video reminded people of their father and the beautiful memories they created. This video was published on the Instagram page – sahibasinghdhupar

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Posted: Wednesday May 4th 2022, 6:23 PM IST