‘Dancing With Myself’ on NBC: Ayanna and Lily perform dance battle, fans say ‘most competitive finale yet’

The fourth episode of “Dancing With Myself,” which aired Tuesday, June 21, featured a slew of energetic and incredibly talented dancers. In the first round, titled “All Eyes on You,” the 12 dancers set the stage on fire with such intensity that even the studio audience joined in. Judge Nick Jonas agreed it was the better first round.

“Dancing With Myself” is a show with a new theme that involves 12 different TikTok dancers who are famous across the world every week. Each week, a new group of upbeat dancers from all backgrounds and ages compete in a series of high-octane dance challenges created and taught by the show’s famous creators, including Shakira. Competitors are isolated in their own pods for a brief period to learn new routines, add their own style, and then perform in front of a live audience. The judging panel, which includes Shakira, Nick Jonas and Liza Koshy, provides immediate feedback and encouragement during every round of the competition, but the studio audience ultimately determines who wins the best dancer of the night award and receives the award. in ultimate money. Remember Keke the girl who invented a dance to Megan Thee Stallion’s “Savage” in Episode 3 of “Dancing With Myself?” The latest episode had fantastic dancers, with the top two reaching the final round being two exceptionally talented teenagers, Ayanna and Lily. Let’s see who the fans are cheering for the most.


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One fan tweeted, “I knew these two girls would make it to the final #DancingWithMyself” while another tweeted, “Lily, 15, and Ayanna, 13. Very impressive!!! #DancingWithMyself.” One fan remarked, “I think this will be the most competitive final so far. Both dancers are amazing. I wish both of them could win.” Another added, “Will Lily or Ayanna’s original dance will either win $25,000 #DancingWithMyself.” One fan said “Lily and Ayanna GOING TO THE FINAL ROUND!!! @shakira #DancingWithMyself”.

However, some fans only rot for Lily, one fan said “Yes!! Lily was so awesome! #DancingWithMyself”. Another fan tweeted, “Lily what was that?? Oh my god!” I love Nick’s reaction. #DancingWithMyself”. Another added: “I love Lilly’s dance moves #DancingWithMyself”.

You can watch “Dancing With Myself” every Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on NBC, or the next day on NBC.com or Peacock.

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