David Beckham’s daughter lovingly pokes fun at her dad’s dance moves

Tell me you’re a dad without telling me your dad. David Beckham recently attended The Wknd concert in Miami and brought along his 11-year-old daughter Harper. And like any other family, Beckham broke out the Dad Moves, and Harper couldn’t help but enjoy it more than a little.

Harper sang her heart out to every song and recorded the experience on her phone like a real Gen Z tween. She also got proof that David knew the lyrics well, albeit retarded and wrong, and the pair laughed. together dancing in their seats. The highlight of the sequence, however, was Harper mimicking his dad’s dance moves, which he found just as hilarious as the rest of us.

Beckham, who has always been a good player when it comes to not taking himself too seriously, began his caption with ‘Embarrassing Dad Moment’, which featured a carousel of videos of the football star singing and playing with Harper behind the camera.

“The timing was a little off, but we finally got there, and I made HarperSeven laugh 😂 @theweeknd WOW, what a show #Miami 💜 THAT SMILE 😊,” he added.

Honestly, can it get any hotter – I mean softer?

One commenter shared, “Stop pretending it’s all about Harper 😂❤”, while another gushed, “The happiness on Harper’s face says it all. Live music = that kind of joy 🤩.”

They’re not wrong – this pair is a total vibe.

Beckham shared another video from the night, and this one caught Harper making fun of her dad’s moves, captioning the video, “I know I posted a video but our baby girl is so cute i had to post another one because she makes fun of daddy dancing while being so cute @victoriabeckham 😂 #HarperSeven ❤️ @theweeknd 💙.

Followers couldn’t get enough of their bond and banter on camera, commenting, “Oh I love your relationship it’s so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️” and “Harper Seven definitely tops dad moves !Too cute!Bless her.😍❤️.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen these two have a good time together, the proud dad regularly shares moments on his Instagram with Harper, and their recent hobby has been their shared love of football. In a message which sent her best wishes to the England women’s football team in the semi-finals, Beckham added: “We are all delighted to see him, and I know there is one person who is so glad to see it, and it’s my daughter Harper. Thanks for inspiring her, and good luck, girls.

Along with putting “See The Weeknd” on my to-do list, I’ll also add “Learn to dance like Harper by imitating David Beckham.”