Doha: MCC Qatar set to organize “Global Baila Dance” competition

Press release

Doha, May 17: Mangalore Cricket Club (MCC), a top club in Qatar, is hosting the “Global Baila Dance” Video Challenge Contest providing a great platform for all dance lovers. After this pandemic period, where everything went online, MCC came out with a unique idea and gave a wonderful opportunity for all dancers around the world to show their talents to a global audience.

The MCC, in association with the leading organization ‘Mandd Sobhann’, invites all dance enthusiasts aged 15 and above without any religion, region or language bar to participate in this global Baila dance competition. Contestants will perform in a mixed duet format to Konkani songs for men and women in a duet performance.

It will be broadcast on Daijiworld TV 24×7 channel and webcast on MCC Qatar YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The competition will take place in 3 phases:

1. In the first round, out of the total number of entries received, 24 videos will be selected for broadcast and telecast. Of these, 12 couples will be promoted to the semi-finals.
2. Semi final – The 12 selected couples will have to video record a dance on a new song and send it. Of these, 6 couples will be promoted to the final round.
3. These 6 couples will have to record again, dance to another song and submit their entry for the final phase.
? Out of these 6 couples, the best will be declared the winner and will receive the title of “Global Baila King & Global Baila Queen”. They will receive a cash prize of Rs 1 lac.
? The first runners-up will receive a cash prize of Rs 50,000.
? The second runners-up will receive a cash prize of Rs 25,000.

As this is a video contest, entrants, in their own interest, must ensure good quality video recording (at their own expense). Only the finally edited version can be sent.

The song(s) selected for the video challenge must be in Konkani (any dialect), and songs in any other language will be DO NOT to be allowed.

The duration of the video must be at least 3 minutes 30 seconds and not exceed 5 minutes.

You can select a single song or a mix of two songs. However, the following points must be strictly observed:
1. Obtaining permission from the composer to record the song on video is the responsibility of the contestants.
2. Care must be taken to wear the correct traditional costumes as well as the relevant ornaments. If you have any doubts about this, please clarify the matter with Mandd Sobhann’s Dance Director – Rahul Pinto (85533 57578). Any video without the proper costumes and ornaments will not be given serious consideration.
3. Dancers should make a serious effort to learn and dance the correct Baila steps and movements and absolutely avoid mixing Filmy, Tapori, Western or any other movement into the dance. Overall, the video – through the costumes, adornments and through the movements and steps – should truly reflect and project the traditional Konkani dance form.

You can refer to the YouTube channel Mandd Sobhann or MCC Qatar for (i) information about baila, (ii) his costumes and movements etc. And also (iii) for the rules of this contest and (iv) the registration link.

For pricing, the following would be considered:
1. Appropriate Baila costumes and ornaments.
2. Correct Baila steps and dance moves.
3. Grace, expressions, coordination and synchronization.
4. Pure dancing and dancing skills will be considered. Acrobatics and staging will not be considered prominently.
5. Videos shot outdoors will be preferred.

The award ceremony will take place in January 2023.

The registration form link is available via the link below and on the MCC Qatar YouTube channel

Registration details

1. The Google registration form can be completed via the link below and is also available on the MCC Qatar YouTube channel and Daijiworld.
2. The deadline for ‘Register’ is May 31, 2022.
3. The deadline for ‘Submit Video’ is June 30, 2022. Videos must be submitted in MP4 format only, along with the prescribed application.
4. Before you start practicing, please send the song with the recording to [email protected] email or WhatsApp (+971 85533 57578). Only after getting a APPROVAL from us (via e-mail/WhatsApp) one can proceed to dance practice. This is done only to prevent the same song from being recorded by more than one and to ensure that it is technically in order. It’s first come, first served for song selection. Therefore, registration must be at the earliest to get a song of your choice.

5. For any clarification on song entry/selection, one can contact Mandd Sobhann – Rahul Pinto Dance Director (+971 85533 57578) or MCC Cultural Secretary Amith Mathias (+974 30942022).

Seize and make the best use of this opportunity to perform in front of a wider and global audience. Hurry, find partners and register now because the deadline to register May 31, 2022 approaching soon.