Ecuadorian dance group organizes performances for inclusion | International

September 26, 2022, 3:44 PM ISTSource: PA

When they are on stage, the members of the group Ecuador of Colors dance with passion. Their colorful dresses resemble those often worn by Andean women on special occasions. Ecuador of Colors dancers are members of the LGBTQ+ community. Before going on stage, they go through an elaborate make-up process, helping each other with the finishing touches, to dress properly, each paying attention to every detail. The group’s mission is to create more inclusion and break down barriers for members of the LGBTQ community through traditional dance in a society where machismo is still the norm. Although the proposal is new, in the Andean culture of Ecuador there are characters such as “Mama Negra”, represented in special events such as the largest festivities held in Latacunga, 80 kilometers south of Quito , who is still a man. There are also other characters, such as “guarichas” and “carishina”, which are men who dress or adopt other characteristics of women, which are part of traditional celebrations. Dancer and choreographer, Jaime Loachamín said that as a homosexual he was discriminated against, but as a professional dancer and choreographer he was recognized for his talent. Pablo Carvajal, who also dances in traditional women’s dress, explained that he wanted to experiment with another type of art and “make the LGBTI community visible, not as a minority, but as an artistic entity aimed at society. in general, regardless of gender identity.” As the music plays, the dancers move harmoniously to the sound of traditional rhythms, their serene faces seeming to forget their worries.