Flamingos show off dance moves in Cyprus, KNEWS

A music video showing flamingos in crowded moments has gone viral in Cyprus, following a photo showing eager males trying to impress a single female during mating season.

Hundreds of nature lovers and bird watchers on social media have commented on and shared a video in which a flamboyance of male flamingos appears to be participating in an elaborate and loud group dance to attract the attention of females. .

The video was shot by Savvas Nicolaides, who posted the clip on the “Landscapes of Cyprus” page on Facebook.

Nicolaides shot the video on Friday morning at Aliki Salt Lake in Larnaca, capturing the flamboyance in all its glory, while a day earlier a photo he posted of Oroklini showed the group standing in front of a woman.

The video shows moments of the birds bobbing their heads – moving their heads from side to side resembling a flag in the wind – or flapping their wings – known as wing salutes – all of which are elaborate dance moves in which the flamingos engage in intense courtship display and show bright feather colors to attract a mate.

Although flamingos are highly social, the magnificent birds are serially monogamous throughout the mating season.

Although flamingos are very social, hanging out and nesting in large groups, the magnificent birds are serially monogamous throughout the mating season.

After a male and female choose each other, it hops onto its back from behind, planting its feet firmly on its wing joints. After mating, the male stands on the female’s back, then jumps over her head.

Flamingos depend on wetlands for their survival and do not have a distinct breeding season, but rather breed when water levels and food availability are adequate.

Thousands of flamingos settle in Cyprus between mid-autumn and early spring, when the island’s salt lakes provide abundant food to spare their digestive system.