Friday After 5 Hosting ‘Git Up’ Dance Contest, Winners Open Up For Blanco Brown

Screen grab from Palm Beach County Fire Department rescue video

Fran Marseille announced to the Rotary Club of Owensboro that this year’s Friday After 5 will bring a lineup of acts that cater to various crowds each week this summer. They are also hosting a unique challenge this year – the “Git Up” dance competition. The groups will compete to see who can best perform the dance to the viral song the asshole by Blanco Brown – with winners getting to show off their moves on stage ahead of his concert in August.

As announced Wednesday, Brown is coming to Owensboro for Friday After 5 on August 19. the asshole – certified 11x Platinum in 3 countries – has won the top spot on the global charts with nearly 4 billion views on social platforms.

FA5 partners with United Way of Ohio Valley for the dance challenge.

FA5 executive director Fran Marseille said there are different categories in which to compete:

  • Non-profit organizations, schools, dance students
  • Elected Officials, City and County Employees, Owensboro Chamber Staff, and Owensboro Visiting Staff
  • Police, sheriff and firefighters
  • Employees of health services and medical institutions
  • Sponsors of Friday After 5
  • Media – TV, radio, newspapers, online outlets

Official video –
Challenge Tutorial by Blanco –

Submissions for the dance competition will be accepted from May 20 to August 1 by using a Google form and emailing [email protected].

Each entrant video will be featured on social media for community members to vote on.

The winner of each category will then be able to present their dance on stage to “open” for Brown. The group that receives the loudest cheers on stage will be crowned the overall winner.

After the winner of each category has opened for Blanco Brown, the winner will be determined by the loudest cheers from the crowd.

FA5 kicks off May 20 at the Bluegrass Museum and Hall of Fame with the Friday After 5 5K. Once the race is over, the Beatles Rock Show will begin.

“We’re not trying to copy the Beatles, we’re just going to rock the Beatles that night, so we hope you’ll join us at our brand new location at the Holiday Inn,” Marseille said.

This year also marks a different take on how FA5 will bring acts to the weekly downtown event.

The different stages will be suitable for different crowds throughout the summer and will attract different groups to reflect this change. For example, Lure Seafood and Grille have joined in the fun and will be hosting music aimed at younger kids on their site.

Marseille also said that one of the new acts set to make an appearance includes country singer Coffey Anderson, but they still plan to have returning acts like The Motels.

They previously announced that they would be “moving west” this summer, including moving their main concert stage from the RiverPark Center to the Holiday Inn and bringing the stages closer together.

Another change is that Glenn’s Gospel has been renamed Glenn’s Spirit on the River this year and will now be held at First Baptist Church. With the name change, Marseilles said they are allowing church departments to come and join in the fun.

The full summer entertainment program is available here.