How Diddy Stole 112’s Dance Moves

Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs founded Bad Boy Records in 1993, and throughout the next decade signed several artists and bands that would become household names. One of Diddy’s signers was the R&B group 112. Diddy greatly admired 112 and found inspiration in their live performances.

(LR) Michael Keith, Daron Jones, Marvin Slim Scandrick and Quinnes Q Parker of 112 | Para Griffin/Getty Images

Diddy signed 112 to Bad Boy Records

When 112 auditioned for Diddy (known then as Puff Daddy) in the mid-1990s, the band of Atlanta high schoolers were just friends looking to launch their music careers. Martin “Slim” Scandrick, Michael “Mike” Keith, Quinnes “Q” Parker and Daron Jones soon signed with Bad Boy Records and recorded their self-titled debut album, released in 1996.

Their debut album included the hit singles “Only You” and “Cupid”, the former being a collaboration with the legendary Notorious BIG.

In 1997, the group won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group for their featured work on Diddy’s single “I’ll Be Missing You”, a tribute to the late Biggie featuring his wife’s vocals. , Faith Evans. Their 2001 single “Peaches & Cream” was also nominated for a Grammy Award.

Diddy, who signed 112 to Bad Boy Records
Diddi | Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Diddy tried to copy 112 moves

In 2016, 112-year-old Diddy and several other Bad Boy artists reunited for the Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour. In a 2017 interview on The breakfast club, the members of 112 reflected on the experience of touring with Diddy all these years later. Mike recounted how Diddy was particularly interested in one of their moves which they incorporated into their act.

“We have this movement where we go ‘Bam!’ and we’re holding it, and we’re waiting for the crowd, like Michael Jackson – you don’t move until the audience comes back with it,” Mike said, demonstrating by holding his fist in the air. “Puff saw it and was like, ‘Hmmm.'”

Diddy then told Bad Boy’s Mase to do the same during his act. “So he was standing there [and] he was like, ‘Yo, Mase, you gotta stand here, playboy, you gotta stand there, you gotta hold it.’ And Mase just refused to hold it, man,” he laughed. “They didn’t have the same reaction that 12 always had every night, man.”

He left them outside in a blizzard once

When 112 debuted in Atlanta, Diddy told them he was proud of them, but often worked them into the ground. In a 2018 interview with GQ, the band members thought back to a time when he had them in the studio all night and then left them outside in the cold.

“One night we were in the studio from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.,” Mike recalls. “Daron and I had to go back to the apartment, because we were still in high school, and we had to get up and go to class. That day was a huge snowstorm, the likes of which more than four Atlanta kids had never seen. As we leave, Puff also drives off in a Benz with chains on the tires and everything. He rolls down the window and just says, ‘I’m going to yell at you.’ And it starts. And we’re like, ‘Motherf***er, what do you do WE Go home?”

When they returned home, Diddy expressed his gratitude for the group’s dedication. “We took a taxi, and when we got back to the flat, Puff called the landline and said, ‘I just want you to know I’m proud of you, you’re doing a great job,’ “recalls Mike.

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