Indian dance group attracts hundreds of Jerusalem residents as Israel celebrates Sukkot holiday

Hundreds of Jerusalemites were captivated by a virtuoso performance by a group led by Ritusri Chaudhuri, the talented exponent of Indian Kathak, as Israel celebrates Sukkot. Sukkot is a week-long Jewish holiday that celebrates the fall harvest. It is one of the happiest holidays in Judaism, meant to bring families, friends and communities together.

Chaudhuri’s performance on Friday was watched by the enthusiastic audience trying out several moves demonstrated by the award-winning performer.

“How much energy? India’s diversity and rich cultural traditions never fail to amuse and surprise us,” Ruth, in her 60s, told PTI after the show.

Children, young people and the elderly – people of all ages – witnessed the performance of the ICCR-sponsored group which prides itself on uniting the traditional art form with the modern, a fusion whose electrifying impact was visible all around the audience.

Maya, 13, a youngster learning a local dance form, was ‘amazed by the creative flair and intense focus’, wondering how a fusion of the local dance form and Indian classical would impact to a wider audience.

As Israel celebrates the holiday of Sukkot, the show presented a great opportunity for Jerusalemites to enjoy a family outing.

The band also entertained a gathering of thousands at the Indian Jewish National Convention in Petah Tikva on Thursday night and will also perform at the Indian Cultural Center in Israel on Friday while in Israel.

”The crowd here is very encouraging and the warm response is a huge morale booster. Me and my group are enjoying our performances here,” Chaudhuri told PTI.

At the First Station in Jerusalem, the dance group on Friday afternoon mesmerized the audience with a performance of Safr-e-ruhaniyat (Sufi form), Naveli Naar (a fusion of abhinaya), a ghazal based on the poetry of Bahadur Shah Zafar who is the representation of the longing and pain of the woman waiting for her beloved and Vande Mataram, the essence of India’s cultural diversity.

Lead performer and choreographer Ritu Chaudhuri was accompanied by young performers Harshal Vyas, Hriday Pal, Samadreeta Chanda, Anamika Mondal, Aditi Rawat, Paavni Nangia and Ritopratim Chaudhary.

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