Infini-Tribe Dance Group spins a good show with hoops

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WKBN) – Hula-hooping: This is something you might have tried as a kid. A band has been bringing their hula-hoop dancing to the stage for nearly a decade.

Kelsi Owen, director of dance group Infini-Tribe, has been playing with a hoop for nearly 10 years and says she’s starting to see the popularity grow.

“It’s so unique. Unless you like hippie music festivals or Nelson Ledges, you don’t really know that,” says Owen.

The band recently had a show at Club Switch in Youngstown.

“Hooping has become more mainstream, so there’s definitely more stuff to learn on YouTube,” says Owen.

But a plastic hoop is not the only dance tool. Some routines require the use of sticks or poi, which is a form of juggling on ropes. Other parts of the routines even feature lighting the ends of the hoops on fire.

Owen says that Infini-Tribe is always looking for more dancers to join them, but be warned because it’s harder than it looks.

“Hoop is actually part of the Olympics,” says Owens. “There’s Olympic gymnastics, which is more on the acrobatic side of things. More when people see us perform, they think of Cirque du Soleil, and they think of circus acts.

The group has a Facebook page with videos and highlights of their performances.

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