KINGDOM’s ‘Long Live the King’ Performance Video Features Explosive Dance Moves and Extremely Dramatic Song – Leo Sigh

South Korean boy band KINGDOM’sLong live the king‘ is now available on YouTube and if you like explosive dance moves, an extremely dramatic song and gorgeous boys dressed in Louis XV-style costumes, this one’s for you.

Especially since each of the seven band members gets a pretty decent initial time.

KINGDOM ‘Long live the king‘ is taken from the boy band’s recently released fifth seven-track mini-album History of the KINGDOM: Part V. Louisreleased on October 5, 2022 via the GF Entertainment label.

The album is one of (probably) seven mini-albums slated for release by the Korean band. Each with the name of one of the band members in the album title.

Since February 2021, we have already had History of the Kingdom: Part I. Arthur, History of the Kingdom: Part II. Chiwoo, History of the Kingdom: Part III. Ivan, History of the Kingdom: Part IV. Dan and now History of the Kingdom: Part V. Louis.

My question then is, with Mujin and Jahan still having their mini albums and with Chiwoo having left the group in May, will there really be eight mini albums with new member Hwon’s as the last one?

Not that I’m complaining if there is, if the future music and videos they release are as good as KINGDOM’s.Long live the king‘ performance video, that would be something to really look forward to, huh?

Watch it below and listen to the band History of the Kingdom: Part V. Louis whole over there too.

Oh and yes, if you’re new to KINGDOM, they wear beautifully elaborate costumes in every music video they release. You really should watch more, because they are amazingly filmed.

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