KRQE Newsfeed: Objects stolen from a dance group, Funding refused, Historic house, Baby hippopotamus

Tuesday in the spotlight

Tuesday five facts

[1] $ 15,000 to $ 20,000 in items stolen from visiting dance group in Albuquerque – The Acoma Buffalo dance group was targeted by thieves in Albuquerque this weekend. The group was about to return home and discovered that all of their dance gear had been stolen from their truck outside the Hampton Inn near the airport. The bag contained a jeweled dress, moccasins and more. Most of the pieces have been passed down from generation to generation to each dancer. Albuquerque Police Department investigators are still looking for any surveillance footage that may have captured what happened.

[2] Albuquerque Hearing Officer Dismisses Manny Gonzales Appeal for Public Funding – An appeal by Bernalillo County Sheriff Manny Gonzales for more than $ 600,000 in public funding has been dismissed. The City of Albuquerque Clerk’s Office initially denied funding for the Mayor of Gonzales’ campaign after ruling that several donated contributions were fraudulent. On Monday, city hearing officer Rip Harwood said he upheld the ruling on the basis that Gonzales admitted many of the submissions were falsified. The Gonzales campaign can always choose to fight the decision in court.

[3] Mostly sunny and dry Tuesday morning – Tuesday morning is mostly sunny, foggy and dry. Eastern New Mexico will remain dry on Tuesday, but showers and storms will increase along and west of the central mountain range. Storms will move to the southwestern highlands during the evening.

[4] Neighborhood association wants to demolish dilapidated house – The city’s code enforcement team will examine a historic Albuquerque house after neighbors say they want something done about it. The neighborhood association says the abandoned house near Arno and the Pacific is an eyesore and a safety concern. They are now asking the city to demolish it, but they fear that since the house is designated as culturally significant, it could prevent the city from intervening. The city says that before considering condemning and demolishing the house, it will first work with the landlord to correct any violations.

[5] BioPark Hippo Karen Gives Birth – Albuquerque BioPark Zoo Welcomes New Member. Karen the Nile Hippo gave birth to a healthy 45-pound calf on Monday. Zoo guests were able to witness the birth as it happened in the hippo pool. Karen’s pregnancy was surprising given that she was on birth control. Zookeepers will not be able to tell the baby’s gender until it begins to move out of the water.