Kyle Busch shares a video revealing his dance moves and his wife’s impressive athletic skills

Kyle Busch was understandably in a celebratory mood this week after unexpectedly picking up his 60th career Cup Series victory and the first of the 2022 season on Easter Sunday on Bristol ground. He revealed it on social media with a post that showed off his dance moves and, more impressively, his wife’s athletic skills.

Kyle Busch wins in Bristol

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You couldn’t have scripted Kyle Busch’s win on Bristol clay any better than it happened. Just over a month after criticizing Alex Bowman for backing victory in Las Vegas, where Busch dominated late and looked destined for Victory Lane but for a late warning, and just days after suggesting the race on land takes the sport back, it retreated in a victory on land.

After the race, the two-time Cup Series champion was unsurprisingly greeted with a chorus of boos from many fans in response to his earlier remarks and polarizing personality.

“Yeah, we got one. It doesn’t matter how you get it. It’s about getting it,” Busch told Fox’s Jamie Little with audible boos in the background. “I can’t say enough. Man, I feel like Dale Earnhardt Sr. right now. That’s awesome. I haven’t even done anything.

Kyle Busch shares a video that reveals his wife’s impressive arm

Busch’s win at Bristol also extended his streak to at least one win in 18 consecutive seasons, tying him with Richard Petty. This week’s win and all the accolades that come with it, including a playoff berth, put the 36-year-old driver in a celebratory mood and he shared one of the moments with his fans on social media. .

In a tweet with a video, he asked fans what they thought of the form of his wife, Samantha, throwing a soccer ball at him while running a course at what appeared to be Joe’s training facility. Gibbs Racing which included an artificial turf surface.

In heels, his wife stepped into the throw and launched a tight spiral down a line which he caught at full stride about 30 yards down the field. Once in the mythical end zone, the pilot launched into a festive dance before returning the ball to the field.

Busch and his wife team up to help others struggling with infertility

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While Busch’s wife has a big arm, she and her husband also have big hearts. The couple have been open about their struggles coping with infertility. She wrote a book, Fight against infertility, which came out last year and detailed his own personal journey.

In addition to sharing their own experiences, the couple established the Bundle of Joy Fund in 2015, which, according to the website, provides monetary grants to needy couples struggling with infertility and helps with the costs associated with the treatment of infertility. IVF. To date, the fund has awarded 84 grants totaling over $1 million and more than 50 babies have been born.

The couple announced in November that they were expecting a second child with the help of a surrogate and the baby is due at the end of May.

It looks like another opportunity for Busches and their son to break out into a celebratory dance. Throwing a soccer ball is optional.

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