LA dance group promotes unity during pandemic and fights racism

LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Amid a pandemic and an ongoing fight against racism, a dance group is trying to spread joy and promote unity through dance and the fusion of cultures.

The dances parade High energy are impressive and their energy is contagious. It’s no wonder a stranger watching them play their “merengue” in downtown LA’s Santee Alley had to jump up and dance to “La Vaca.”

“When people watch this video and they see me and my friend Dre dancing at the start and then you see my little company my little tio come in, I’m like, wow,” Tiaunt Lewis said. When it happened, I just got chills. I became so happy.”

The video has been watched by millions of people. The group met as teenagers at Crenshaw and Dorsey high schools.

“We dance a lot of Spanish music because that’s what a lot of people like. And then we bring cultures together and stuff like that,” Ray Dobson said.

They also defend black and brown communities. “We were at the Black Lives Matter protest and the La Raza protest,” Lewis said.

“We are all for love and unity,” he added. “We just want everyone to come together and let everyone know it’s gonna be okay with a laugh. Laughter is the best medicine.”

They perform at large gatherings and have lost work due to COVID-19. It is not a main source of income for most of them, but a passion.

“Even when we’re not dancing, we have discussions. We try to find opportunities to improve ourselves,” said Frederick Bowen.

They dream of reaching more people. “People just see us dancing. But we really have like a message that we want to send to people, and that’s unity,” Lewis said.

You can catch High Off Energee every weekend in different parts of Southern California.

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