Lunar New Year is getting funky – watch this amazing Asian boogie dance band at James Brown

This year Lunar New Year has gotten funky.

If you were on social media on February 1, you might (most likely) have seen posts commemorating the first day of the Chinese New Year, although it is celebrated in other places as well. asian cultures.

Being the year of the Tiger, which symbolizes courage, bravery, daring – all that awesome tiger stuff – we’ve been pleasantly infiltrated with tiger memes and videos, including this adorable cutie:

Which I guess looks more like a dragon, but still.

However, since Lunar New Year and the first day of Black History Month fell on the same day this year (not always the case), a dance group decided to do something more festive. And it’s not hard to see why it’s become a viral sensation.

The TikTok video, which now has nearly 4 million views, has a simple but effective caption: “we’re feeling good and ready to have a funky time”.

@dance on We feel good and ready to have a funky time 🎶💃🕺 #Moga_almeri ♬ Do It to Death – Pts. 1 & 2 – The JB’s

Everything about this performance is a delight: the fun, flowing outfits, the undeniable joy felt, the fabulous thwack-inspired choreography that elicits an insatiable urge to get up and shake…it’s just glorious. And the fact that it’s set to the iconic music of James Brown is what brings it all together.

MOGA Almeri being hella fly.


A fan favorite is the main dancer affectionately nicknamed “Yellowpants”. Clearly, Yellowpants has fully embraced her inner tigress.

One person wrote, “The Black Delegation welcomes Yellowpants as an Honorary Soul Sista.” I think we can all agree on that.

And who is this groovy dancer dressed in gold with the killer moves? The choreographer, MOGA Almeri.

Yellowpants wasn’t the only one loved on the internet. “The brown plaid ensemble was a whole vibe,” one TikTok user commented.

And hey, if you can’t pick a favorite, you’re not alone. One person asked “who replays the video focusing on a different dancer each time?”

This video is definitely taking social media by storm. He even got a retweet from Wanda Sykes.

But what is truly remarkable is not its virality. The feelings of communion he inspired are the real magic here. Take a look at some of these comments:

“I love it so much. We need more of that unity and cross-appreciation.

“I’m not a ‘retweeter’ in general…however, it was SPECIFICALLY because of the culture fusion and reference associated with Lunar NY mixing with Black History Month that sparked HOPE in my soul!”

Sometimes the cultures blend together in such a fascinating, fresh and unique way that it gives a whole new level of appreciation. This is one of those times.

If you are already looking for more amazing routines, you can follow MOGA on instagram. Here’s to a good lunar year and a mighty Black History Month.

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