M3GAN’s Dance Moves From The Film’s First Trailer Have Fans Talking

If you decide to scroll through the comments after watching the “M3GAN” trailer, you’ll instantly start seeing discussions about M3GAN’s dance moves. One user, Kimmy Simms, wrote, “That dance kill scene, gotta see that.” U/TheYendor24 wrote, “I lost it when she was dancing, not gonna lie,” along with a series of laughing emojis. Another user predicted the film would be unintentionally funny and campy – which many fans would agree is the perfect description of the dance scene. Meanwhile, the top comment, from Jayden Amoncio, reads, “This dance move is gonna be a meme for sure.”

And that main comment is certainly correct – a look on Twitter (after searching for “M3GAN” you’ll get a slew of memes using the M3GAN dance music video. A Twitter user, @AmaPobi, posted the clip of the dancing AI doll and simply wrote, “Come on m3gan.” Further away, @eloyonair has already declared herself a fan of M3GAN and her dance steps. A group of fans also compared “M3GAN” to another evil doll horror film, 2014’s “Annabelle” – with the music video of M3GAN dancing, @NataLomello03 hilariously tweeted, “Anabelle could never.”

“M3GAN” will be released on January 13, 2023 – and in the meantime, there are plenty of dancing M3GAN memes to enjoy.