Michael and Angela are considering engaging in a dance battle on TikTok

How do 90-day-old engaged couple Angela and Michael Ilesamni make their marriage work from a distance? A video shows her weight loss and her dancing skills.

Like Angela Deem from 90 day fiancé continues to decrease with her amazing weight loss, fans have also wondered if her husband Michael Ilesami approves. During the 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? Tell-All, Michael was totally against Angela for her risky operation. But with Michael still stuck in Nigeria, Angela seems to have taken the lead and already lost a lot of weight. But how does Michael react when he sees his skinny wife Angela being half her age? Well, Michael apparently got busy challenging Angela to dance online battles.

Although Michael and Angela were married in a sweet Nigerian ceremony in season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé: Forever? season 5, their journey which began in 2018 saw tons of obstacles. While meeting Michael online made Angela fearful of being ripped off, it was he who secured a K-1 visa that later troubled the couple. Soon after, Angela took it upon herself to marry him 90 day fiancé love her and bring her to America as a spouse, even though their relationship was marred by allegations of cheating, pregnancy issues, and even a fear of cancer. Still, Angela and Michael surprised fans by revealing that they were living a happy, distant married life as both wanted a faster visa process. But it looks like ever since his wife Angie underwent a weight loss makeover, Michael is at his best, with perhaps the distance that makes his heart more loving.


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It was in January that Angela posted that she had completed a year of married life with Michael, much to the surprise of fans. Given their outrageous fights, few expected Michael and Angela to last, but they prove the naysayers wrong, one fun TikTok at a time. Angela’s Instagram followers were elated when she posted a side-by-side video of Michael and his dancing to “Awesome cold medinaas she showed off her jaw-dropping weight loss in an airy blue dress. The IG story Angela uploaded was then re-shared by 90 day fiancé fan pages including 90dayfiancenews.

Those who stumble upon Angela and Michael’s video can’t help but marvel at her stunning new look. “Angela looks great !!, “Wow she lost a lot of weight, “Angela looks great and has rhythm,” and “She has lost so much weight! i like it both waysRead the top comments from the fans, who are happy the couple are still together and that it works from a distance. Another surprising comment comes from Angela’s co-star Veronica Rodriguez, who is best known for her chemistry with BFF Tim Malcolm, as she wrote, “Oh yes !!! Live for this duo. “

After all the moments Georgia-resident Angela gave 90 day fiancé Due to her boisterous demeanor, seeing her being kissed by fans with such love seems delightful. The tide seems to be turning for Angela as more critics turn into supporters, and perhaps will continue to do so after she starts her rumor. 90 day fiancé soon a spin-off on the theme of fitness.

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