Millions of views for dance moves

CATSKILL, NY (NEWS10) – The Catskill Senior Center has millions of views on social media for its new TikTok dance video series called “Daily Dose of Garry.”

The center’s director, Jamie Story, and Garry Holmes were both born and raised in Catskill. In 2021, they met on Jamie’s first day at work and quickly became dance partners.

“They’re all very important to me, each of my seniors,” Story said.

The pair created their style with Holmes’ whimsical footwork and Story’s energetic choreography. On August 10, Holmes offered to put a video on TikTok. The first video currently has over 80,000 views; the next received over 900,000.

Videos titled “Daily Dose of Garry” began to consistently reach hundreds of thousands of views, some over a million. Countless TikTokers thanked the team in the comments section for spreading the positivity and inspiring them. Additionally, many visitors to the senior center get in on the action and join Holmes and Story at their dance parties.

“I would just like to say to everyone in the world, keep watching. There are more great videos to come,” said Holmes.

The Catskill Senior Center is open to the public for community members ages 55 and older. According to Story, the center offers a nutrition site for those who want a meal, socializing activities, and an overall positive experience for everyone.