Minor League Team Holds Big Elaine Dance Contest On “Seinfeld Night”

More than 24 years have passed since “Seinfeld” was on the air and crushing in the ratings department. But the show is still going strong, especially for a minor league baseball team.

The Brooklyn Cyclones, the High-A affiliate of the New York Mets, held their annual “Seinfeld Night” at the park on Saturday. The Seinfeld-themed day is filled with fun events and tributes to the show.

They gave away a marble rye figurine to fans, along with bobbleheads of The Wiz and Mulva. Additionally, there were some great Seinfeld-related contests throughout the game.

There is a Low Talker contest; a Sponge Worthy sponge toss game; a Dr. Cosmo Kramer: Proctologist’s Ball Game; a range of chocolate bars; and an Elaine dance competition, among other events.

Here’s a clip from Elaine’s dance contest, where the contestants poisoned the joint with their incredible impressions of Elaine’s dance.

Not only did this contestant nail the Elaine style, but he also wore an Orioles hat really well. Let’s hope they didn’t make the mistake of wearing O’s hat while sitting in the owner’s box.

The fun night out feels like it’s well worth the price of admission.