Minor League Team Holds Seinfeld-Themed ‘Elaine’ Dance Contest – OutKick

The Brooklyn Cyclones of the South Atlantic League traveled back in time to the 1990s and celebrated one of the greatest TV shows of all time with a Seinfeld complete evening with an Elaine dance competition.

Minor league baseball teams love a good theme party. They can take many forms, but a popular version is having some kind of pop culture connection, like a star wars night, with stormtroopers standing in the crowd and blocking people’s view.

Watch some of the action from the Cyclones theme party below.

Minor league affiliates of the Mets put on a night full of events and enough references to the iconic sitcom that almost everyone said “Okay, we get it; you like Seinfeld.”

From the brief video recap released by the team alone, you can make out some of the evening’s festivities, including what looked like Kramer-style golf’s closest blowhole competition, a making contest pasta sculptures and something that involves sitting on balloons, probably inspired by Frank Costanza’s “million-to-one shot, doc.”

However, it would appear that the main event was Elaine’s dance competition, where contestants dressed up and rocked as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ famous character.

These competitors were bringing the heat. Thumbs pointing, little leg kicks, and shoulder movements so jerky they probably needed to be iced the next morning. One dancer even gave a little nod to Elaine’s Baltimore Orioles.

If I had to choose a winner, I would pick the woman who had the costume down to about perfect hair. It was strange. No matter who took the win, the crowd of Seinfeld lovers filled with baggy shirts and urban sombreros got their money’s worth.

According to Fox Sports, the evening was a complete success everywhere but on the field. The Cyclones were beaten 18-2 by the Aberdeen IronBirds.