Nora shows off her hot dance moves

Nora Fatehi is adored by her fans. The actress/dancer is constantly working to get her fans drooling over her abilities and smoldering sexy imagery. Her new song, “Dance Meri Rani,” went viral, and a clip of her dancing skills also became popular. During an appearance on “Star Vs Food,” Nora previously revealed, “I come from a modest family and worked as a waiter from time to time from 16 to 18 years old.”

“Working as a waitress is extremely difficult. You need to have strong communication skills, character, be quick and have a good memory. Customers can be rude at times, so you need to be able to handle them.” “But definitely, it was a great bonus, it was a method for me to supplement my income.” This is a mentality that we have in Canada, I believe. Everyone, for example, has a job.

She said, “You go to school and you work at the same time. Nora Fatehi’s professional debut began with the reality show “Bigg Boss”, and she has since appeared in a number of songs. “Dilbar” and “Garmi”, two of his songs, caught the attention. Before “Kusu Kusu”, Nora was included in the song “Chhod Denge”. The lady was previously seen in the song “Nach Meri Rani”. “Bhuj: The Pride of India”, starring ajay Devgan and Sonakshi Sinha, also featured Nora.