Oklahoma, Oregon Football clash in extremely lit dance battle (video)

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  • Oklahoma and Oregon came together for a good old-fashioned dance battle before the Alamo Bowl.
  • Two Memphis athletes found themselves on stage together and synchronized for an incredibly bright performance.
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The college football bowl season is all about the money, but it’s also about the players and making sure they have a good time. Due to the playoffs, players are kept on campus during the holidays and miss out on many opportunities to see friends and family.

However, in turn, they can try to end the season on a high note in one last game (especially for seniors), they can go on vacation (some better than others) and they have a lot of fun. swag from their respective games. In addition, they have a lot of fun.

The pre-game events during “Bowling Week” are meant to give players a break and some fun. These events can range from team bowling to a prime rib dinner to a parade.

In the case of the 2021 Alamo Bowl, the itinerary included a dance. The two teams participating in the bowl, Oregon and Oklahoma, faced off Monday night in an epic dance battle.

He was absolutely turned on.

No match has been greater than that between Ducks wide receiver Isaiah Brevard and Sooners running back Eric Gray. Gray is from Memphis, TN and Brevard is from Southaven, MS which is only an hour from Bluff City.

When the two Memphis (or Memphis-ish) athletes took the stage, they went nuts. It started out as a competition, but the two ended up unintentionally joining forces and jumping.

The syncing happened so naturally and couldn’t have been smoother. Both teams erupted in cheers as Brevard and Gray gathered to shake hands in recognition that they had just eaten him on stage.

Look at the smiles on their faces. This is what bowl season is for. Oregon and Oklahoma had a blast and walked in.