Poco Lee to judge Afro dance competition on Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria as company expands viewing platforms

New episodes of the widely accepted Globacom sponsored Battle of the Year Nigeria dance competition have been introduced
new judges for the afro dance scene which include Pinkie Debbie, Izzy Odigie and popular afro dance sensation Poco Lee. While they have the power to decide who progresses or drops out, viewers have also been empowered to decide who makes it to the final by voting for their wildcards.

“As the competition enters the Afro dance scene, Globacom is expanding the options available for viewers and fans to watch the show with friends, family and loved ones while encouraging talented contestants as they are blazing their way to mega-millions in Globacom’s latest empowerment initiative,” Globacom said in a statement in Lagos on Friday.

Episodes five, six and seven will focus on Afro dancing with contestants showing off their dancing skills as they battle to qualify for the finals and try to win the mega millions at stake.

Introducing the episode, host Do2tun posed a question and then provided the answer: “What do pepper soup and afro dancing have in common? They are both hot,” he said.

In episode five, Afro dancers battle it out in regional hubs from Abuja to Kaduna, Enugu to Port Harcourt and Benin to Lagos as they pray and hope that competitive success will help them achieve long-held dreams.

One contestant in Abuja hoped to produce a dance film if he won, while another planned to set up a dance studio. Another contestant took him to church praying he would win so he could support his mother’s business.

Whatever their dreams are, they need talent, skill, courage and that winning attitude to make it to the finals where they will be gifted mega millions by Globacom, sponsor of reality TV show Battle of the Year Nigeria.

And there’s more. Viewers and fans who know how to dance have a chance to win 200,000 naira every week just by uploading a video of themselves dancing to Glo Battle of the Year Nigeria theme song.


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