Ponca City local wins weekly Live with Kelly and Ryan dance competition

Mary Anne Potter, from Ponca City, recently became the weekly winner of a dance competition hosted by Live with Kelly and Ryan. Potter has lived in Ponca City for over 40 years with her husband Don, a chiropractor. She learned about the contest last spring while watching Live with Kelly and Ryan, and despite her own self-proclaimed inability to dance, Potter entered the contest anyway.

“So I said to myself: I don’t know how to dance, but why not? Potter said. “I thought I might have some fun and I’m going to send it.” “

The rules of the competition required that the video be recorded vertically, it must be between 30 and 60 seconds long, entrants must be 18 years of age or older, the video must feature only one person, be recorded in a bright room or outside. exterior, no TV, photos or shelves in the background, no brand / logo on clothing and no lip syncing.

Potter came out to record and put on two songs: “I Want You to Want Me” by Cheap Trick and “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

While dancing, her two dogs, Snookie and Charlie, a Maltese and a Maltese poodle respectively, barked and danced and spoiled the video.

Eventually Potter restarted the video, but this time had Charlie in his arms as she danced, and Charlie licked her face and joined in the dance. Potter submitted the video and was initially worried because the rules said you could only dance alone. But while she was making breakfast for her two grandsons, she saw herself with Charlie on TV.

“I looked up as I flipped the pancakes and saw Charlie and I dancing,” Potter said. “I thought, my God, they really liked it! “

To advance further in the competition, Potter’s video has been placed on the Live with Kelly and Ryan Facebook page, where his video is expected to receive the most “likes” and “loves” to win the weekly prize. Potter asked friends and family to vote for her and got almost 600 votes.

He was then told that September 7-10 would be the vote for the grand prize winner. The previous week will show all the videos that won the weekly contest. The grand prize winner will walk away with $ 2,500.

“I think I have a good chance, even if I don’t dance,” Potter said. “I have never entered a competition like this before. I would be very shocked if I won, but very happy and humbled.

Potter credits Charlie for his success in the competition. Charlie was a rescue dog. Three years ago a Potter neighbor couldn’t keep him because the neighbor’s job involved frequent business trips, so he asked the Potters if they wanted Charlie. Charlie has since become a member of the family and has formed a strong bond with the Potter’s other dog, Snookie.

“[Charlie’s] been absolutely wonderful for our little Snookie, ”said Potter. “The two of them play all afternoon… Snookie has a new life, Charlie has a good house, and Charlie is the reason I think I won.”

Potter thought living in a small town was an advantage since everyone knew her, but was both shocked and humbled by the number of people who had voted for her.

“It was fun, and I watched the count all weekend long, and it was so exciting and so much fun to see the numbers go up and up,” Potter said. “It’s Ponca City, it’s so characteristic of the city we chose 40 years ago. We looked at 77 cities before choosing Ponca City, and liked it because it was small and community-driven.

Potter describes herself as “a little nervous” to advance in the competition, but is also very excited.

“[Don] was so excited and proud for me. He was surprised and anxious to see what would happen, ”Potter said. “If I don’t win, it’s really fun. And if I win I think we will use the money and when he has no more cancer we will take the children and grandchildren on a trip.