Poor story, cool dance moves!

wild rhythma.k.a Ritmo Salvaje, a Colombian dance series, is now available on Netflix. Juliana Barrera wrote the story directed by Rafael Martinez Moreno and Simon Brand. The series stars Paulina Dávila as Antonia, Greelcy Rendón as Karina, Juan Guilera as Mateo, David Palacio as Checho, Angela Cano as Zimena, Martina La Peligrosa as Bombita, Sashua Lopez as La Chama, and several others. There are 8 episodes of 40 to 45 minutes each. The show is available in Spanish and is dubbed in English with subtitles.

The synopsis reads, “The opposing worlds of two Colombian dancers collide on and off the dance floor when their ambition to succeed leads them down a path strewn with pitfalls.”

Salvage Rhythm Review has no spoilers

Netflix has released several dance-based shows or movies over the past few years. Some are feel-good movies, while others are emotionally charged. wild rhythm has a more serious tone with lots of drama and messed up characters. The show features two incredible dancers, Antonia and Karina. The two ladies make a mutual deal. But things go wrong in no time and they compete with each other.

Antonia and Karina are good dancers. They are passionate about their art and need to win a great opportunity for different reasons. Will the clash bring out the best of both or will it turn out to be a huge mistake? You have to watch the series to find out the same thing.

In the Netflix show wild rhythm, Antonia desperately wants to participate in the play. However, the director of the play is not easy to please. Antonia does not share a grand equation with him. On the other hand, Karina is part of a group of girl dancers called Pura Kaye. The other dancers in the group are Bombi, Chama and Ximena.

With so many fantastic dancers, one would expect the story to be quite intriguing. However, everything that happens is very lame. Even the way the creators constructed the differences between Karina and Antonia doesn’t add to the plot. The main characters are presented in a very boring way. So you don’t care about anyone in the show.

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To make the show more “thrilling”, a subplot of money and threatening someone’s life is added. Unfortunately, this is later ignored the same way the game instructor ignores Antonia. The synopsis uses the very big word “traitor” while describing the plot. When you watch the show, you realize that it’s about two grown women who ignore their talent and waste their time trying to convince who is better for the rigid man and for each other. !

Again, a gay love story is added to the show just for fun. The scenes between these two men only appear when the plot becomes dramatic. Otherwise, the writer has not bothered to show anything more about these men. The Netflix series has some cool dance sequences. But that does nothing to save the poorly written and poorly presented story.

Savage Rhythm Still 2

Savage Rhythm Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, the Netflix show is not worth your time. Apart from a few dance scenes, wild rhythm has nothing exciting to offer. Even the nude scenes will not appeal to those who like erotic content.

The show is now airing on netflix.

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