‘Queendom 2’ Episode 7: Round 3 Rankings Revealed After Intense Dance Battle

In the latest episode of “Queendom 2”, the final performance of Round 3 has finally been revealed and the ranking of the Unit Position Battle has been announced!

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‘Queendom 2’ Episode 7: Dance Unit Crews Give Intense Final Performances

On May 12, Mnet aired the seventh episode of “Queendom 2.” It features the dance unit teams performing the second half of round 3 with their final dance performances, and the final results of both competitions have been announced.

The previous week, the vocal units gave great performances covering songs from IU, EXO, and Bolbbalgan4. Team Universe at Eunha, which consists of Eunha from VIVIZ and Soobin and Yeonjung from WJSN, performed IU’s “Hold My Hand.”

LOONA’s Kim Lip, Haseul, Chuu, and Jinsol, and Kep1er’s Chaehyun and Youngeun, who are collectively known as Team Sun and Moon, performed EXO’s “Don’t Go.”

While Brave Girls’ Hyolyn and Minyoung, who are part of Team 33, sang Bolbbalgan4’s “To My Youth.”

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For episode 7, the preparation of each of the teams for their dance unit performances was shown.

For VIVIZ’s SinB and Umji, who team up with Kep1er’s Dayeon, Xiaoting, and Hikaru (Team KEV1Z), they practiced for their “Purr” performance with “Street Woman Fighter” dancer and HolyBang leader Honey J.

Honey J shared her feedback with Team KEV1Z during their practice and said, “It’s better than I was worried about. However, I feel like you worked harder on your individual choreography as the [overall] vibe [of the dance].”

(Photo: Mnet)
The Ex-it team

For the Ex-it team, consisting of Hyolyn and Yeorum and Eunseo from WJSN, they practiced their “KA-BOOM” performance with the LACHICA dancers.

Hyolyn said, “My goal is to get the answer, ‘Yeoreum and Eunso…are they WJSN?'”

While reviewing their dance practice, LACHICA’s Gabee commented on how Yeoreum and Eunseo need to be more powerful in their dancing, and how important it is to “ruin” their cute lines.

For the final dance unit, which is Queen Is Me, Brave Girls’ Eunji, and LOONA’s Olivia Hye, Yves, Heejin, and Choerry had already won the midterm review for their performance.

'Queendom 2' Episode 7: Round 3 Rankings Revealed After Intense Dance Battle

(Photo: Mnet)
The queen of the team is me

The group trained with PROWDMON leader Monika, who praised the team despite her worries. “Well done, you’ve practiced a lot. I feel like you’ve worked hard but haven’t broken through that thin wall yet,” Monika said.

Check out the dance unit performances here:

KEV1Z (VIVIZ SinB and Umji, and Kep1er Dayeon, Xiaoting and Hikaru) – “Purr”


Ex-it (Hyolyn and WJSN Yeoreum and Eunseo) – “KA-BOOM”

Queen Is Me (Brave Girls Eunji and LOONA Olivia Hye, Yves, Heejin and Choerry) – “Tell Me Now”

‘Queendom 2’ Episode 7: Round 3 Unit Position Rankings

After the six performances, the audience sent in their votes, while a point system was also used. The maximum points a contestant can earn is 5,000 points, with up to 2,500 points up for grabs for vocal and dance units.

Based on the point system, first place will receive 2,500 points, second place 1,500 points and third place only 500 points. Points will be awarded to the respective groups of unit members.

As for the ranking, the results are:

Voice Unit Battle:

1. Universe to Euna (VIVIZ Eunha and WJSN Soobin and Yeonjung) – 2,500 points, 121 votes

2. 33 (Hyolyn and Brave Girls Minyoung) – 1,500 points, 90 votes

3. Sun and Moon (LOONA Kim Lip, Haseul, Chuu and Jinsol, and Chaehyun and Youngeun of Kep1er) – 500 points, 85 votes

Dance Unit Battle:

1. Queen Is Me (Brave Girls Eunji and LOONA Olivia Hye, Yves, Heejin and Choerry) – 2,500 points, 112 votes

2. Ex-it (Hyolyn and WJSN Yeoreum and Eunseo) – 1,500 points, 96 votes

3. KEV1Z (VIVIZ SinB and Umji, and Kep1er Dayeon, Xiaoting and Hikaru) – 500 points, 77 votes

Overall, Brave Girls and WJSN scored 4,000 points for this mission. While LOONA, VIVIZ and Hyolyn earned 3,000 points and Kep1er 1,000 points.

Meanwhile, the next round will feature each team as they perform their own songs suggested by the audience. The next episode of “Queendom 2” will air at 9:20 p.m. on May 19 KST.

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