Real Buddhist monk shows hot (and sweet) EDM dance moves in Mount Koya video

To make matters stranger, the video is part of a promotional tie-up with a popular candy company designed to encourage a certain group of college students.

Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture is best known as the seat of the Koyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism, founded by monk Kukai 1,200 years ago. The temple complex is designated as part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”. visit too.

The ad starts off fairly modestly, featuring serene views of the Koyasan Ekoin temple grounds and even birdsong. We see what looks like a solemn group of monks (keep reading) about to start some sort of ceremony, when all of a sudden the bass falls down, candy bursts, and we can only give them crazy props when they start to dance. See the video in all its glory below.

First, the routine was choreographed by a real Buddhist monk and performer Ryushin Takiyama, whose “Koyasan x Dance Project” aims to share the culture, history and beliefs of Koyasan through the visual and performing arts. He often mixes elements of contemporary street dance with traditional Buddhist hand gestures (mudras) as part of his signature style. In this video, he leads a group of Koyasan high school students dressed in Buddhist robes in the dance. Likewise, the decidedly non-religious music on which they play is titled “EDM Sutra Remix” and was composed by Kenta higashioji, an anime music and video game composer.

So what was the purpose of the video? It was in fact a prayer dance to encourage students preparing for the next entrance exams. Takiyama has teamed up with a candy company Morinaga to incorporate their popular range of Ramunes candies in the routine as well, which can be seen when the students each eat a piece in unison as part of the choreography. As the behind-the-scenes video shows, it wasn’t as easy to achieve as it looks!

▼ Making-of video with English subtitles

As part of a limited link, a representative from Morinaga also brought Ramune candies to Koyasan Ekoin and had them blessed by a monk during a real fire ritual. 100 students who participate in a Morinaga Twitter campaign between December 24 and January 4 will enter a raffle to win this blessed candy, and the first 240 students who actually visit Ekoin in person will also receive larger-than-size Ramune candy packs. ‘habit. as a lucky exam.

We don’t know, KitKats, it looks like you have some serious competition in the lucky candy business now.

Source: Twitter / @ morinaga_angel Going through Curazy
Top image: YouTube / 森 永 製 菓
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