RHODubai fans react to Chanel Ayan’s dance moves

On a recent episode of RHODubai, Chanel Ayan went wild at Lesa Milan’s dancehall party. Fans love how oblivious the model is.

Lesa Mila hosted a dancehall party on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, and fans reacted to Chanel Ayan’s dance moves. Chanel is already becoming an icon since starring in the first season of RHODubai. The Kenyan model quickly rose to fame for her outspoken personality and over-the-top fashion statements. Chanel caused drama with her RHODubai her teammate Caroline Stanbury when she wore what appeared to be an old fashioned wedding dress London ladiesthe engagement party. She made waves again when she wore a trailing purple dress for a simple Ethiopian lunch with her castmates.


Chanel has always owned her status as a model and has designers at her disposal to create the most original fashions for her. The RHODubai star started modeling at 18 and worked with prestigious agencies such as Elite Models and was featured in vogue magazine. At 44, she continues to model and launched her makeup line, AYAN Beauty, with makeup artist Toni Malt. Although Chanel initially seemed arrogant on RHODubaishe finally won fans over with her stories of growing up in a humble family in Ethiopia and defying her cultural expectations to marry her husband, Chris.

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In the latest episode of RHODubai, Chanel showed off her moves during a dance party at Lesa’s Jamaican-themed party. Fans loved his goofy gyration, and Reddit user rebeccamor11 reacted, “Chanel Ayan dances at the dance hall. It was the thing I needed in my life. Watching her dance was something I didn’t expect to experience in my life. A RHODubai fan replied “I loved that Lesa compared her to a big bird because we all thought the same thing.”

Since RHODubai first, fans loved Chanel’s diva energy that she brought to the show. A Reddit user wrote, “She’s my favorite housewife and I would 100% watch a spin-off.” Another replied, “She is so funny! She doesn’t care what people think and I love that. Some RHODUbai Fans admitted to not liking Chanel at first, but after seeing her fun dance moves, they were hooked. A fan wrote, “I didn’t like him at first, but I grew to like him. His dancing was the best and most real thing on reality TV hahahaha.

RHODubai has received mixed reviews since its debut. Fans had high expectations for the franchise, but many believe it fell flat. The cast members don’t seem to have a cohesive relationship, and the constant fighting takes the fun out of the show. The off-camera feuds seem to be more interesting to fans than the show itself. Caroline Brooks and Caroline Stanbury seemed to have formed an alliance, with Lesa and Chanel on another team. With all the feuds going on, Chanel is the only one offering comic relief on The Real Housewives of Dubai, and so far, fans can’t get enough of her.

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The Real Housewives of Dubai airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

Source: rebeccamor11/Reddit

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