See Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell Dance Battle in a fiery first look

Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell tap dancing in the Spirited trailer.

By James Brizuela | Published

If you were hoping for ridiculous dance numbers and over-the-top vocals in Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell’s new film, then you might be in luck, as those elements appear to be the focus of the trailer for Fiery. The teaser also gives us an idea of ​​the kind of A Christmas Carol-inspired story that this new Christmas movie will consist of. Also, we don’t know if Reynolds can tap dance in real life, but his figure looks pretty convincing.

Fiery is essentially in the same vein as A Christmas Carol, starring Ryan Reynolds as Ebeneezer Scrooge and Will Ferrell as the Christmas Present Ghost. However, this Christmas comedy flick is likely to deliver much more raunchy humor, as is the usual case when these two comedic gentlemen are involved. Going back to the tap dancing part, we really hope to see them learn some moves and practice them in this movie.

At what point Fiery is supposed to follow the classic Charles Dickens story has yet to be revealed, as the trailer above only gives us a small snippet of what’s going on, but we’re getting plenty of jokes from Ryan Reynolds and by Will Ferrell. Additionally, Octavia Spencer is also featured a lot, leading us to wonder if she could play the role of one of the Christmas ghosts who visit Scrooge. We hope to see some of the classic moments in Dickens’ history completely destroyed with humor, as shown by Ferrell’s character who can’t remember Tiny Tim’s name.

Whereas Fiery only gave us a small preview via the trailer, we imagine the full official trailer could arrive in the next few weeks, as the film is slated to hit theaters in November and premiere a week later on AppleTV. We definitely want to know if Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell are going to dance. We’d expect Will Ferrell to sing, because he’s never afraid to do so, but we don’t know if there is a movie where Ryan Reynolds dances and sings.

Considering Fiery is a musical that has a lot of dance numbers, we can expect to see Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell fully participate in both, although it would be pretty hilarious if they never had to do it smart. We certainly wouldn’t pass up on the two actors to find a way to not have to dance or sing at all, using the silhouette feature shown in the trailer above.

Fiery stars Ryan Reynolds, Will Ferrell and Octavia Spencer, and is directed by Sean Anders and John Morris. Anders and Morris worked together on daddy’s house, daddy’s house 2and Instant Family, and reunite for this musical about one of the most classic Christmas stories ever told. Spirited hits theaters on November 11 and on AppleTV on November 18.