Snow Man Shows Off His Sharp Dance Moves In Mr. Osomatsu’s Live-Action Movie Theme Song MV

Male idol group from Johnny & Associates snowman released a music video for their sixth single “Brother Beat” to be released on March 30, which will be featured as the theme song for the upcoming live-action film adaptation from Osomatsu-san / Mr. Osomatsu animated series. As noted, the unit’s nine members are also cast as the film’s main characters: the sextuplet Matsuno brothers and the three original characters – End, Close, and Period.

Their official website describes the songs as “fun party rock that Snow Man has never done before. While straddling the film’s worldview, the song delivers a sense of fun and rap performances that showcase the individuality of each of the nine members.”

The music video is told in the “Snow Man HOUSE” where the members of Snow Man live together, and consists of two worldviews – room scenes that express each member’s individuality and the bond between the nine members in a cute and pop feel. , and dance scenes where they coolly dance in costume in a room that warps through space.

“Brother Beat” MV:

Limited edition first printing A:

Limited edition first printing B:

Regular edition:

the Tsutomu Hanabusa (kakegurui, Tokyo avengers live-action movies) directed film is set to be released in Japan on March 25, 2022.

Full trailer:

Visual displays:

The main cast:

  • Osomatsu Matsuno: Koji Mukai
  • Karamatsu Matsuno: Hikaru Iwamoto
  • Choromatsu Matsuno: Ren Meguro
  • Ichimatsu Matsuno: Tatsuya Fukazawa
  • Jyushimatsu Matsuno: Daisuke Sakuma
  • Todomatsu Matsuno: Raul)
  • Ending (Original Movie Character): Shota Watanabe
  • Close (Original Character): Ryohei Abe
  • Period (original character): Ryota Miyadate
  • Totoko: Hikaru Takahashi
  • Iyami: Yasuyuki Maekawa
  • Hatabo: Hiyori Sakurasa

The three seasons of Mr. Osomatsu TV anime and feature film Mr. Osomatsu THE MOVIE are available on Crunchyroll.

Source: Official Snow Man YouTube Channel

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