Socceroos hero Andrew Redmayne dubbed the ‘Grey Wiggle’ for his dance moves in the penalty shootout against Peru

The Wiggles have praised Socceroos goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne after being dubbed the ‘Grey Wiggle’ for his distracting goal-line dance moves as he helped send Australia to the FIFA World Cup.

The Wiggles praised the Socceroos and goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne who was dubbed the ‘Grey Wiggle’ for a jitter in his heroic penalty shootout against Peru.

The substitute stopper was substituted in the 119th minute specifically for the shootout and his successful attempts to distract the Peru shooters have been compared to those of the Wiggles.

The Wiggles have since released a video acknowledging the dance with Jeff the Purple Wiggle re-enacting his now famous save.

“Congratulations to all the Socceroos, especially Andrew the Gray Wiggle, mate, you inspired everyone including Jeff, he wants to be a goalkeeper like you,” said Anthony Field, the Blue Wiggle.

Redmayne performed an energetic hot potato dance along the goal line during the shootout and the off-putting jig worked as he saved two of the penalties taking Australia to a 5-4 victory and the World Cup football 2022.

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The Sydney FC keeper used a similar dance in the 2019 A-League Grand Final in Perth, where he helped his side claim victory over the hosts in another penalty shootout.

Socceroos fans fell in love with the dance moves and praised him for knocking down the Peruvian shooters.

“This morning the first Gray Wiggle was found and he accomplished mission impossible!” tweeted a fan.

“Pretty cool that the Gray Wiggle helped Australia qualify for the World Cup!” wrote another fan.

“How long until the Wiggles officially adopt Andrew Redmayne as an honorary Gray Wiggle and write a song about him (with the Gray Wiggle dance)?” a third commented.

“A gray commotion sent Australia to the @FIFAWorldCup congratulations @Socceroos Graham Arnold and the whole team #itoldyouso @simonhill1894 great call,” tweeted another.

As the 33-year-old’s dance moves went viral, so did his post-match celebration which saw him stand still beside the goal with an almighty smile on his face instead. to sprint to greet his teammates.

After the match, Redmayne revealed that before the last two penalties the referee told him that if he saved one the Socceroos would have won and told him not to run off to celebrate because the video referee should check that he hadn’t left his line during the distracting jitter.

“We worked on it all camp to get around and stay on the line, but also to create a big presence in goal, so I knew it would be fine,” Redmayne said.

Despite his heroism, Redmayne refused to take credit for Australia’s record fifth successive World Cup qualification.

“I’m not going to take credit for myself. The boys ran 120 minutes, and it takes not only 11 on the pitch, but also the boys on the bench, the boys in the stands. The boys who missed their team too,” he told Network 10.

“It’s a team effort, a team game, so I can’t take more credit for myself than others.”

Redmayne also said that after the game the decision to substitute him in the game in the event of a penalty shoot-out was a planned tactic by Socceroos manager Graham Arnold.

“This idea was floated in pre-screening that it could happen in these kinds of circumstances,” he said.

“I guess for the two or three weeks we’ve been here I’ve had that in mind and worked on some things in training.

“But at the end of the day it’s either right or left, the homework has been done and I’m just grateful to the other boys for running 120 minutes.”