The Backstreet Boys on Changing Their Dance Moves for the DNA World Tour: “They Hurt!”

The group’s world tour kicks off on April 8.

The Backstreet Boys have two more shows in Las Vegas this weekend before officially kicking off their DNA World Tour on the road – but a few of their signature dance moves won’t go with them.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the band were asked if they could still handle the dance numbers that drove fans crazy 25 years ago.

“They hurt more!” Howie Dorough shared, before Kevin Richardson explained what’s driving the band to retire.

Richardson, the eldest of the group at 50, explained: “We used to be in a standing position, we would drop to our knees…without knee pads, then we would get up straight away. We don’t do that anymore. We don’t do that. no more kip-ups, when you’re lying on your back and [jump] at the top. We don’t do splits anymore.”

But AJ said a few of the moves they added to the show are just as difficult as the ones they dropped. “There is a moment in one of the new [songs]… where we bend and rise, descend and rise. And, man, that one kinda stings,” he said.

Despite the pain, Brian Littrell said it was worth it because “seeing the reaction and the smiling faces and the people singing the songs” never gets old.

But while Backstreet fans may like what they see on stage, the band says their kids are a different story. Nick Carter takes his daughter on tour and predicts that she “will probably give some of the girls in the audience dirty looks…and then she’ll probably do what AJ’s daughter once did: scream, “Get off the stage! Come down now!”