The famous dance battle was totally unscripted

During the heyday of hip-hop, there was a series of films that drew swarms of young people to the theater. House party arrived in March 1990 with rap duo Kid ‘n Play headlining, launching a franchise that brought a bevy of black stars to the fore. Martin Lawrence, John Witherspoon, Full Force, Robin Harris, Tisha Campbell and AJ Johnson completed the cast, with Campbell and Johnson playing love interests for Kid and Play.

House party is a classic, and the film’s unforgettable dance scene was emulated throughout the era. But the whole sequence was not planned.

House Party cast members Christopher “Play” Martin, AJ Johnson, Tisha Campbell and Christopher “Kid” Reid attend a screening of TV One’s Unsung Kid ‘N Play on June 23, 2015 in Los Angeles, California | Michael Tullberg / Getty Images

The cast of “House Party” had a reunion

IMDb Hollywood reunion The series hosted the cast of the original film for a virtual reunion. Christopher “Kid” Reid, Christopher “Play Martin”, AJ Johnson, Full Force (Bowlegged Lou, B-Fine, Paul Anthony), Groove B, Chill and director Reginald Hudlin signed on to reminisce about the interesting film before, during, and after a few moments.

Hudlin broke down House party‘s and says he gleaned the idea for a Luther Vandross song. He was a student at the time, and when “Bad Boy” hit the radio, a light bulb went out.

Johnson revealed that she and Campbell went to the audition and hid in the bushes so they could try as a team. It worked. Johnson got the role of Sharane and Campbell played Sydney.

Kid shared that Harris’ character reminded him of his real father and that the two actors had a special bond. But for everyone, making the film involved improvisation and creative freedoms.

AJ Johnson says the dance was not planned

Johnson, who was a Fly Girl on In Living Color, entered the project with experience in dance and choreography. She had acted in music videos and brought her stepping skills to college. When they shot the real house party at House party, the dance battle took on a life of its own.

“The dance scene was not in the script,” Johnson said. She said she told Hudlin there had to be a dance and showed him a few steps. She and Campbell put together something that would match Kid ‘n Play’s moves. This combination of helping hands and body pop that Sharane and Sydney performed is courtesy of Johnson’s local repertoire. She had been doing it for years and had added to their set.

And Kid ‘n Play stepped out of their stage routine which included dances they’d done on tour – including their signature kick-step. On Full Force’s “Aint My Type of Hype”, the entire footage was filmed to capture the four from head to toe. The stages are often duplicated at parties and in internet videos, and the song is one of Full Force’s biggest hits.

Where to watch ‘House Party’ now

It’s been over 30 years since the first film came out, but the four House party the movies are available to stream on HBO Max. Kid ‘n Play is playing in parts 1 to 3, because they refused to participate in the fourth installment. Fans can follow them, Full Force, Johnson, and the rest of the cast on social media.

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