‘The Flight Attendant’ star Kaley Cuoco’s TikTok dance moves sparked intense fan reactions

Kaley Cuoco has a lot to celebrate lately. She earned an Emmy nomination for her role in HBO’s The stewardess. She is in a new relationship with ozark actor Tom Pelfrey. Although the actress can share her exciting milestones with fans, there are moments that people don’t see. Fortunately, Kaley’s close friend Brad Goresky shared snippets of her behind the scenes.

In November 2021, the fashion stylist gave his longtime friend a special birthday shoutout on TikTok. In the video, Kaley is seen dancing to Kygo’s remix of Whitney Houston’s “Higher Love” in front of a mirror. Additionally, she expresses how happy she is with her neon Vera Wang dress, which she wore to the 2021 Emmy Awards.

“Happy Birthday Kaley!!” Brad captioned the clip. “You light up everyone’s life 💚💚.”

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But seeing The Big Bang Theory star dancing for the camera wasn’t even the best part. What rocked the video was the heartwarming exchange between the duo.

“Somebody’s happy!” he told Kaley as she bounced back. ” Yes ! Touch the pony! She then happily mentioned how much she loved her rewards package. “I love it so much! Oh my god, I love this dress!”

Without surprise, The stewardess Fans enjoyed the never-before-seen video so much that many immediately took to Brad’s TikTok comments to express their thoughts. Many people enjoyed seeing the 8 simple rules star is delighted with a very particular element of her dress.

Kaley Cuoco on the 2021 Emmy Awards red carpet.

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“AND HE HAS POCKETS,” wrote one fan. “She looks INCREDIBLE in this [color]!!! 💚💚💚,” another person posted. “I’m not usually a neon fan, but OH MY GAWDDDD 😍😍,” another added.

We definitely agree — Kaley looked absolutely joyful ahead of her big fashion moment at the 2021 Emmys. With this year’s ceremony fast approaching (Sept. another delighted reaction about her dress. And with Brad at the helm, we know she’s going to look good too.