the ljoya Rumble dance competition is launched | The Guardian Nigeria News

More than 100 participants are expected to compete for the $1000, in the first ljoya Rumble, a dance competition organized by Real Made in Africa Concept.

According to the organizers, the competition is a family entertainment show that aims to reward young Nigerian talent. Scheduled at Teslim Balogun Stadium, Surulere, Lagos on 13 August 2022, the event will highlight the role of dance as a tool for youth advocacy and empowerment.

According to the organisers, the contest is a family entertainment show that seeks identity and rewards young talent in Nigeria. The project will highlight the role of dance as a tool for youth advocacy and empowerment.

Speaking on the show, Real Made in Africa lead partner Churchill Edore said, “It’s a festival. We plan to do this monthly in local councils in Lagos and then go town to town across the country, but as of now we don’t have any brand sponsors to sponsor it. But we’re actually looking for brands to partner up and sponsor this so we can get enough kids off the streets.

“Secondly, we call it a festival, because we plan to go to different local councils, like the next one in Lagos Island. So once we get the hang of it, we’ll start going from town to town. city ​​and will have the final in Lagos. Lagos is the first point of call but our plan is to make it a big show where people can see live and we hope that in December 2022 people can vote for their favorite dancers. The contest is open to both individuals and groups of dancers and show participants will be ages 16 and up. On what inspired Ijoya Rumbles, he said, “I’m not a dancer, but I love dancing, dancing is one of my hobbies, but Made in Africa has been around since 2010. And we thought about giving back to society by bringing in young people, engaging our vulnerable young people.