“The Sacrificial Lamb” by Lee Chaeyeon? Taro shares his frustration after a dance battle with Idol

Holy Bang’s Taro, a professional dancer and Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter contestant, expressed her displeasure with the show’s “evil editing” during her battle with former IZ*ONE member Lee Chaeyeon.

On September 1, Holy Bang’s Taro drew attention after uploading Instagram stories that allegedly were shot at Mnet’s poor editing, especially during his dance battle with former IZ*ONE Chaeyeon.

(Photo: Taro (Instagram))

On the professional dancer’s IG story, she said, “Please stop! Let’s fight with me! The sacrificial lamb for your “growth story” gets angry! »

She added the lyrics to EXO’s hit song “Growl” and attached a photo of a dog showing its grinding teeth.

(Photo: Taro IG Story (Instagram))

After a while, she added another Instagram story that seemed like a response to her haters, saying, “No matter if it’s good or bad, I love all comments. I don’t even show all of my dancing skills over the past 10 years, some of which can be considered both short and long. So please show lots of support to Taro and Holy Bang in the future. (Yes, that’s right, I’m an original defiant lord of the underworld!). “

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Lee Chaeyeon and Taro, victims of Mnet’s “Evil Editing”? ‘Street Woman Fighter’ is getting more attention

(Picture: Taro and Chaeyeon (News1))

At Mnet Street Woman Fighter Episode 2, viewers were left baffled by how poorly the show is edited to grab attention.

In particular, Taro once competed with Crew Want member Lee Chaeyeon. At that time, Lee Chaeyeon received six “NO RESPECT” stickers from other dancers because she was an idol. She also lost four consecutive dance battles on the first show.

During the show, Taro claimed that Lee Chaeyeon was the underdog. The video posing as if looking down on her got a head start.

Later, Lee Chaeyeon suddenly had a dance battle with Taro, and as if it were a drama with a plot, the K-pop idol won the victory flag against the professional dancer. with its spectacular scene despite previous prejudices.

In the ensuing interview with the production team, Lee Chaeyeon said: “I was blamed for not being able to do it because I thought I was an idol, I lost four in a row and I really wanted to run away. I didn’t want to give up because I had the look weak.”

(Image: Taro and Chaeyeon Dance Battle (News1))

This situation, however, does not sit well with many viewers, claiming that the show is trying to set up the other dancers to appeal to Lee Chaeyeon’s “growth story.”

Some Internet commentators have said, “They use Taro as a ‘sacrificial lamb’ for this”, “Taro is the victim of a ‘bad editing'”, and much more.

Meanwhile, other netizens commented negatively on her posts, saying: “Such an attention seeker”, “Don’t drag Lee Chaeyeon in there”, “If you have any complaints, tell the show”, and more.

Taro’s Instagram posts are now deleted without any explanation.

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