The Strictly Stortford dance competition finally hits the dance floor this weekend

It seems like ages ago that training began for Strictly Stortford – a charity dance competition mirroring the BBC1 production of Strictly Come Dancing.

Cue the pandemic and everything stops immediately. But undeterred, organizer Clive Weir threw the glitter ball again and on Sunday (June 19) eight couples will perform in front of a panel of judges and a live audience at the South Mill Arts Center where the long-awaited competition will take place. finally his moment in the spotlight.

The couples have all been kitted out in their costumes and are training hard as they prepare for two shows – a matinee at 2.30pm and an evening performance at 6.30pm – where they will begin with a group dance – the Argentinian Walk – followed of their individual routines.

South Mill Arts Centre, Bishop’s Stortford. Clive Weir organized the Strictly Come Dancing style dance competition. lr: Clive Weir, Stephen and Hazel Evans (Evans School of Dance) and Bernie Weir. Stephen and Hazel will teach the dancers. .Pictured: Vikki Lince. (57274254)

As with the popular TV show, there will be a panel of four judges who will crown the Strictly couple from Stortford. The public will also be treated to a musical interlude with special guest singer, Miguel Olivares, before the awards ceremony.

There are still a few tickets available for both performances through the South Mill Arts Center box office and the money raised will go to Hope for Justice, a charity seeking to end modern slavery and human trafficking and the driving force of the whole event. .

Clive is a passionate supporter of the charity and he has assembled a dedicated team of dancers and assistants to stage the spectacular dance and raise funds for the organization which has spent the past 15 years fighting against slavery, which is “now more profitable than drugs”. smuggling”.

Strictly Stortford (57274270)
Strictly Stortford (57274270)

He enlisted the help of the Harlow-based Evans Academy of Dance and his teachers, husband and wife team Stephen and Hazel and their daughter, Cheryl, who expertly guided the group through their training. .

Of the eight participating couples, some have no dance experience while others come with some experience in other dance genres, but all loved learning their routines.

They are: Fran and Martin, Bernie (Clive’s wife) and Anita, Annice and Ryan, David and Heather, Gillian and Bertie, Christine and George, Sarah and Liz and mother and son, Nyree and Sebastian.

East Herts Council also provided a grant of £300 which was used to fund the hiring of the South Mill Arts Centre.

To learn more about Hope for Justice, visit their website at